Tax dollars at work: NPR looking to attack Florida’s ‘The Capitolist’

It’s unclear when, but National Public Radio (NPR)  says it plans to partner with Floodlight News to broadcast a story about the rise of The Capitolist, a conservative news site.

This is not the first time that the news site has been the subject of media attention. Various Florida-based outlets have attacked The Capitolist for its openly conservative bent, focus, and supporters.

Brian Burgess, Editor-in-Chief of The Capitolist, addressed the stories in an article.

“In late July, The Capitolist was the focus of a series of misleading stories attacking our business model because we are openly and unashamedly supported by business, policy and political groups who support our mission to tell the stories the mainstream media ignores. Unlike those other media outlets, we do not falsely claim to be objective, but we do claim to be factual. We stand by every story we’ve ever written, and if we make an error, we are quick to address it.”

Now, NPR seems to be repeating and amplifying these attacks well after the fact, using taxpayer dollars to do it. Burgess notes that NPR is biased, taking money from left-wing financier George Soros and citing undercover videos of NPR workers exposing their leanings. Furthermore, the public organization has partnered with Floodlight News; an organization Burgess claims is slanted left, citing their left-wing donors as evidence.

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NPR asked Burgess for comment, but he refused, asking the organization how the story would differ from the previous series of hit pieces. Burgess claims that NPR never answered the question directly, instead stating that its report would be broadcast to “millions” in NPR’s national audience.

According to Burgess, NPR asked about The Capitolist’s donors but not about its factual accuracy.

“Yet while The Capitolist has always been up front about our center-right, free market, pro-business editorial views, NPR and Floodlight both operate under the false pretense of being objective, non-partisan media outlets. They lie to the public about their objectivity and integrity despite their political agenda and their funding from left wing dark money groups.”

Burgess also notes the distinct lack of interest NPR showed to Floodlight’s similarly politically biased donors and argues that this unequal treatment indicates the deeper reason behind these attacks: to discredit outlets that threaten their goals.

“And that’s not the only story that won’t be toldbecause NPR is going to ignore the story right under their own nose about Floodlight and the vast, lucrative network of liberal non-profits that fund and influence partisan news organizations like them – including the legacy media here in Florida.

Instead, they’ll continue to mislead their audiences with false claims of objectivity, fairness and integrity while attacking organizations they deem a threat to their political agenda.”

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