Fetterman Finally Discovers Color: Dresses Up Fancy for ‘Pride’ Parade

Senator John Fetterman, known for being a complete slob, dressed up for the fiftieth annual Pittsburg Pride parade, proving that he isn’t as socially stupid as he would like us to believe. He has shown that he is well aware of what he’s supposed to look like, and he is capable of dressing in a way that’s appropriate for the occasion. Fetterman is a Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania who is well-known by many, not for his progressive policy ideas but for the disgusting uniform the 6’8 behemoth has adopted, which consists of an all-black outfit of ill-fitting shorts, an oversized hoodie, and work boots. 

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According to the New York Post;

Sen. John Fetterman has been accused of showing a “lack of respect” for wearing hoodies and gym shorts to work, but some insiders call it a sign he is making a solid recovery from depression.

There’s a requirement for male senators to wear a jacket and tie on the floor. Still, instead of just following the rules, Fetterman has found a way to get around them by casting votes from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or the side entrance of the Senate floor, according to The Associated Press. 

As mentioned in a May Florida Jolt article;

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is a total slob who lacks respect for his constituents and himself, as evidenced by his embarrassing attire that most would consider appropriate clothing to wear to embark on a major cleaning project at home, where no one will see him. Don’t think it isn’t a cultivated and intentional look. It is, and he’s doing it to say, “I’m one of you,” but don’t buy it. His lack of respect says, “I’m more important than you, and I can do whatever I want.” -Tracy Caruso.

According to the Pittsburgh Gazette, Saturday’s Pride parade started at noon, thousands of people attended, and it included U.S. Rep. Summer Lee, U.S. Sen. John Fetterman, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro,  Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, and state Rep. Sara Innamorato, the Democratic nominee for Allegheny County executive. 

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Pride parades are known as a way of showing community support for the LGBTQIA+ community, and a visible way of showing that support and respect is by wearing rainbow clothing. Senator Fetterman is aware enough to know that his regular black uniform would be a slap in the face for this community, and he’s aware that people will be taking pictures of him at an event like this. Why can’t he wear what’s appropriate for voting on the Senate floor? Why can’t he give speeches at events, wearing clothing that says I’m a serious person and respect all of you enough to look that way?

Senator Fetterman, once again, is sending an obvious message. He enjoys thumbing his nose at his constituents and the rules of polite society. He doesn’t respect anyone. He is not one of you. He is an attention-seeking narcissist who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. 

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