Violence Erupts as Parents Protest ‘Grooming’ in LA Elementary School Pride Event

The usually tranquil streets surrounding Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California, turned into a battlefield on Friday when a parents’ protest against the school’s proposed “PRIDE assembly” sparked a violent confrontation with far-left activists.

The group of protesting parents, predominantly religious immigrant families of Armenian descent, assembled under the banner of Glendale Unified School District Parents’ Voices (GUSDPV). They are worried about the Los Angeles Unified School District’s LGBTQ curriculum for kindergarten to fifth-grade students. Their signs bore clear messages, such as “Stop grooming our kids” and “Parental choice matters.”

As the demonstration continued, one of the parents, wearing a black and white T-shirt reading “Leave Our Kids Alone,” took the microphone to voice their grievances directly at the LAUSD and the school’s superintendent.

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“LAUSD! Stop grooming our kids,” she demanded, “Mr. Superintendent, we pay for your salary. Shame on you!” These sentiments echoed the concern of many parents who believe that the PRIDE assembly, aimed at promoting understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals, may inappropriately sexualize their children.

The peace of the protest quickly crumbled when far-left activists, reportedly including members of Antifa, arrived to disrupt the event. What ensued was a violent clash, a clash vividly captured in a video posted by Los Angeles Times reporter Andrew Campa. The video showed punches thrown, people knocked down, and law enforcement struggling to separate the combatants.

The aftermath was a scene of retreat, an arrest made by Los Angeles PD, and an increasingly polarized community. Jennifer Kennedy, a member of the protesting parents, told The Post Millennial that several elected officials showed up at the elementary school. However, they interacted only with the LGBTQ+ activists, not the protesting parents.

Kennedy recounted her futile attempt to discuss the state’s LGBTQ curriculum with state Senator Henry Stern, who was dismissive and labeled her concerns as a conspiracy. She noted Stern’s decision to then deliver speeches under the LGBT activists’ rainbow Easy-Up tent.

Despite accusations from the far-left agitators that the protesting families were acting out of hate, Kennedy clarified that the protest was about the appropriateness of the curriculum. “It was about the appropriateness of a school presenting curriculum to young children that is neither academically nor developmentally appropriate,” Kennedy emphasized. “And which, we all know, is just a gateway to more sexualization of our children in the schools.”

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Following the dramatic face-off, GUSDPV took to social media to express their frustration. They alleged that Antifa militants showed up to disrupt the protest and instigate violence. They singled out one individual, in particular, a man in a red T-shirt and white hat, who they claim ran at the group of parents with a stick and physically assaulted one of the parents.

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