‘Everyman’ John Fetterman’s Appearance Screams He’s a Slob With No Respect for Anyone

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is a total slob who lacks respect for his constituents and himself, as evidenced by his embarrassing attire that most would consider appropriate clothing to wear to embark on a significant cleaning project at home, where no one will see him. Don’t think that the 6’8 behemoth, known for his black hoodie, shorts, and work boots uniform, isn’t a cultivated and intentional look. It is, and he’s doing it to say, “I’m one of you,” but don’t buy it. His lack of respect says, “I’m more important than you, and I can do whatever I want.”

Democrat Senator John Fetterman wears a hoodie in public most of the time, showing his lack of respect for others and himself.

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Fetterman is a progressive Democrat who advocates healthcare as a right, fifteen dollar minimum wage, and legalizing marijuana. Fetterman has gained attention for his unconventional appearance. His political stances scream, “I am every man,” but is he just a narcissist trying to get attention? Maybe he’s a genius. Many wouldn’t have a clue who some senator from Pennsylvania is, but when you point out that he’s the dude towering hulk with the bald head, and tattooed arms, everyone knows whom you mean. Whether you like his look or not, it’s attention-getting. He stands out. It screams rebellion.

Clothing reflects your respect for those around you, your respect for yourself, your cultural ideas, and your professionalism. The New York Post came out with an article about Fetterman and his appearance a couple of days ago, showing people are pretty focused on appearance.

Most of the time, Senator John Fetterman is seen sporting shorts. In this rare, dressed-up appearance, he is wearing ill-fitting pants, but he’s “keeping it real” with his signature black “I’m just like one of you” hoodie.

According to the New York Post;

Sen. John Fetterman has been accused of showing a “lack of respect” for wearing hoodies and gym shorts to work, but some insiders call it a sign he is making a solid recovery from depression.

There’s a requirement for male senators to wear a jacket and tie on the floor. Still, instead of just following the rules, Fetterman has found a way to get around them by casting votes from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or the side entrance of the Senate floor, according to The Associated Press. 

In 2016, Fetterman ran for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate but was unsuccessful. However, his progressive platform and grassroots campaign resonated with many voters. 2018 Fetterman ran for the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and won the Democratic primary. He then won the general election, serving as the Lieutenant Governor under Governor Tom Wolf from January 15, 2019, until January 17, 2023. The Fetterman image became deeply entrenched in the zeitgeist. 

There’s a reason a blue suit has been a go-to for men. The look exudes competence, respect, appropriateness, and professionalism.

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A breakdown of Fetteman’s style and comments he has made show that his look is well-cultivated and he’s doing it intentionally.

A breakdown of Fetterman’s clothing style often consists of simple and comfortable clothing. He frequently wears Dickies work pants, often in black or khaki colors. He pairs these pants with plain T-shirts, usually in dark colors such as black or gray. Fetterman is also known for wearing work boots, most notably red-colored Blundstone boots.

Some see Senator John Fetterman’s bald, slob look as a down-to-earth look of policy matters, not appearance. Others see it as a sign of his ongoing battle with depression.

Regarding accessories, Fetterman often wears a silver dog tag necklace and occasionally sports a bandana or skullcap. 

The supposed “why” of Fetterman’s image:

  1. Authenticity and relatability: Fetterman’s casual and working-class attire reflects his commitment to being relatable to the everyday people he represents. By eschewing traditional formal attire, he aims to connect with constituents who may feel disconnected from politicians.
  2. Rejection of political stereotypes: Fetterman’s unconventional clothing choices serve as a statement against the traditional image of politicians as being polished and detached from everyday concerns. He seeks to break the mold and present himself as an alternative to the typical politician.
  3. Embracing his identity: Fetterman’s appearance, including his shaved head, beard, and work boots, is a reflection of his personal identity. He has mentioned that his appearance is a way of expressing his individuality and remaining true to himself.
  4. Prioritizing substance over style: Fetterman often emphasizes that he believes in substance over style. By focusing less on fashion and more on the issues that matter, he aims to redirect attention toward the policies and ideas he advocates for.

Interestingly, Fetterman is trying to claim that his look makes people pay more attention to his policies than his appearance but don’t let him gaslight you. Other politicians have commented that their appearance is not making a difference, but it matters a lot. No one would spend money on clothing and grooming products if appearance didn’t mean anything. “Clothes’ make the man,” as the saying goes. A politician who dresses the part shows that they care about you. They have respect for the position. They’re making an effort, and they want you to see it. They are serious people. Politicians are held to a higher standard than the rest of us. We elect politicians, and we deserve to be treated with respect. Don’t let the Fettermans of the world bring down our standards. 

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