Extraordinary Leadership of Gov. DeSantis Shines Through Gloom of Hurricane Ian

1Even when targeted with intense scrutiny and constant attacks from the legacy media, many Floridians are impressed by DeSantis’s handling of Hurricane Ian and its fallout.

DeSantis has been holding press conferences almost daily to keep Floridians updated on the relief efforts and encourage the community.

On Saturday, he warned against looting.

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On the same day, he announced a partnership with Elon Musk and SpaceX that leveraged StarLink satellites to restore internet in many areas of Florida, thereby restoring communications. Musk and DeSantis have been praising each other recently, with Musk stating he would vote for DeSantis for President and DeSantis backing Musk’s attempts at buying Twitter. The friendly relationship now seems to have borne fruit.

DeSantis, on top of organization efforts, has been hands-on in multiple areas. In Charlotte county. The Governor volunteered at a waffle house to serve linemen working to restore power hot meals.

On Sunday, the Governor helped distribute food and water to Naples residents.

Attempts at smearing DeSantis have fallen flat as well. Joy Reid’s baseless accusation of racism on Saturday backfired. DeSantis quickly shut down a budding narrative about late evacuation orders, noting that projections of the hurricane’s path were constantly shifting and that the government made recommendations accordingly.


Floridians have noticed and lauded DeSantis for his performance. One Twitter user called the Governor “an ABSOLUTE ROCK for the people of Florida.”

Jack Brewer, the founder of the  Jack Brewer Foundation charity, praised Desantis for his quick response.

“I told Governor DeSantis about the situation with my brothers & sisters in those ravaged areas…He reacted right away. He said, let’s send in the helicopters and what other type of aid can we send to these good people? These Floridians? He wasn’t thinking about skin color.”

Some of the work of these Search and Rescue Helicopters Brewer refers to were captured on video.

Even a Florida Democrat was impressed by DeSantis’s performance, specifically in getting gas to Arcadia. So much so that one man said he’d be voting for DeSantis in the upcoming election.

*Warning. This Video Contains Adult Language.*


It’s clear that despite the venom from the legacy media, Floridians are happy with DeSantis and his handling of Hurricane Iain.

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