Evan Power is Running for Chair of the Florida Republican Party

Evan Power, Chair of the Leon County Republican Party, announced he’s running to lead the party at the state level.

“After meeting with and spending time with my fellow State Executive Committee members the path forward for the RPOF has become clear to all of us. We must continue to work to support our Republican elected officials in Florida and growing and defending our Republican Majority.”

Power has sought this position before. In 2018 he ran for the job but lost to Desantis-endorsed State Senator Joe Gruters. Also a close ally of Donald Trump, Gruters went on to win another term in 2020.

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Under Gruter’s leadership, Republicans have seen significant gains in the Sunshine State, not least of which being the massive wins on Election Day. Governor DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio both won their races in landslide victories, while republicans in the state legislature secured supermajorities. Republicans also gained four congressional seats in the House, three of which came from flipping previously blue seats.

Gruters has not made any official announcement as to whether he’ll run for the position again. However, when asked, he shared a clip of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the Wolf of Wall Street saying that he won’t be leaving to a crowded office.

Regardless, according to Florida Politics, many still expect Gruters will not seek another term. Gruters has not decided and followed this reply up with a text.

“Lots to celebrate yesterday. No timeline on decision yet.”

Power, the current  Chairman of the Chairman’s Caucus for the party, is looking to fill the potential void. He has served twice as a delegate to the Republican National Convention and previously acted as assistant treasurer for the state party.

“I would be honored to have the support of the Florida State Republican Executive Committee in helping guide the RPOF forward,”

However, Power will likely not be running unopposed. Christian Ziegler, current Vice Chair and a Gruters ally, is also expected to run if Gruters does not. Power, however, is not intimidated by the competition, and in his announcement, he stressed the level of dedication he will give to the office.

“To prepare for the upcoming election battles in Florida and for the White House the RPOF will need a full-time Chairman and that is my pledge to the voting members of this Party. From morning to night my only focus will be to prepare for the challenge of the upcoming elections of 2023 and 2024 and working with those who support our Republican ideals.”

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