Editor-in-Chief Of Scientific American Humiliated On Trans Ideology

A recent viral Tweet is leaving people within the scientific community scratching their heads, with others questioning the integrity of Scientific American for being ridiculously wrong.

This all started on Wednesday when Laura Helmuth, who, according to her Twitter bio, is the current ‘Editor in Chief at [Scientific American],’ tweeted the White-throated sparrow. In the tweet, Helmuth writes about the sparrow having ‘four chromosomally distinct sexes that pair up in fascinating ways’ followed up with a politically charged sentence that states sex is not binary. The politically charged statement was followed up with a link to an article about the reproductive details of the White-throated sparrow.

No, these birds have 2 sexes. I debunked this nonsense two months ago. Click to Tweet

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The article sourced in the tweet was taken from the National Audubon Society. According to their website, the mission statement of the National Audubon Society is as follows:

To protect birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow. Audubon works throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation. State programs, nature centers, chapters, and partners give Audubon an unparalleled wingspan that reaches millions of people each year to inform, inspire, and unite diverse communities in conservation action.

Their mission statement does not say they promote social justice and/or political ideologies within their work.

However, in the linked article, Kenn Kaufman boldly claims sex personality, chromosomal count, and the number of genders are somehow intertwined.

The article starts by establishing the fact that the sparrow has two kinds of head patterns. One of the head patterns is described as ‘snappy stripes of black and white across the top of the head’ while other individual sparrows have ‘more modest head stripes of dark brown and tan.’ After explaining some historical confusion on the purpose of the color schemes within the sparrow, the article mentions a landmark in 1961 by Canadian Ornithologist James Lowther that unlocked the proper understanding of the color differences. The study concluded that the color differences mentioned earlier ‘were permanent color morphs, and about half of all males and half of all females fell into each color type.’

Even the landmark study mentioned in the article states that they only fell into male and female categories. Nowhere in the study does it talk about four distinct sexes. The description of the color differences for the individual sparrows backs up this fact. Following the landmark study, Kaufman continues, saying:

As studies continued, it became obvious that these two color morphs, existing side by side throughout the species’ range, are stunningly different from each other in behavior.

Within each gender, white-striped birds are more aggressive while tan-striped birds are more nurturing.

This indicates that there are two color schemes, and each color scheme associated with the male or female gender of the sparrow gives off distinct personality traits that aid in the reproduction of the species. This does not indicate new and distinct sexes. As obvious as this is, Kaufman tries to twist this around to promote and justify gender ideology, claiming that this is ‘almost as if the White-throated Sparrow has four sexes.’

According to his Twitter bio, Colin Wright, who has an Evolutionary Biology Ph.D., calls out the editor-in-chief by posting a thread about the sparrow’s actual science.

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Wright tweeted that the sparrow only has two sexes and that he ‘debunked this nonsense two months ago’ and followed up with a link to an article he wrote that debunked this idea.

After this clarification, he added to the thread that the phrase ‘almost as if’ does not prove anything that either Kaufman or Helmuth are claiming regarding four sexes.

After showing Helmuth how hilariously wrong she was, he ended the thread by showing that he was blocked by Helmuth simply for being correct.

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