Twitter Explodes Over Pride Parades With Nudity, Degeneracy, and Children

Recent pride parades in Seattle, NYC, and Toronto have thousands of people outraged after the parades contained profanity, degeneracy, nudity, and the indoctrination of children.

Videos of the obscene parades were shared on Twitter, where the posts have racked up millions of views, along with thousands of reactions.

One video from The Post Millennial shows a group of parade marchers in Seattle walking up to a group of children and trying to recruit them, along with the recruiters holding signs that say ‘ Queers bash back’  and ‘Pride was a riot.’

Another video posted by the same organization shows men of the LGBTQ community parading the Seattle street fully naked. They walk around, waving to crowds that include children, with one member even going up to a group of young children and giving a high five to an adult standing near them – all while his fully exposed genitals are within eye view of the kids standing feet away.

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Oil London, a former LGBTQ activist who now speaks out against woke ideology, made a flurry of tweets reporting on the pride displays in Seattle and NYC.

London posted a video from the pride parade in NYC that shows a man wearing a fetish leather dog mask and shaking his breasts at children.

He also posted a photo from the Toronto pride parade that shows a child staring at two naked individuals, with London questioning the ethics of this and declaring that ‘pride has become one big sexual fetish parade.’

He also posts another video of a pride parade, this time showing a group of marchers advertising their sexual kinks involving dog masks and tails to children covered in pride symbolism, with London adding the following caption:

Pride was once a symbol of equality and love.

Now it’s about people with extreme fetishes parading in front of young children endorsed by corporations and democrat politicians.

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Another video originating out of the NYC Pride festival

Reactions to the viral posts were fierce, with many condemning the parades as horrifying and disgusting, while other users made more detailed reactions about the pride events.

Andy Ngo posted a video showing a pride event in Minneapolis containing a heavyset man twerking in front of children in his underwear. A user reacted to the obscenity by declaring that the man should be locked up for indecent exposure and perversion.

Another user reacted by talking about the pedophilia on display in front of children. The user also questioned the parent’s mentality when they bring their kids to these inappropriate events.

A pedophile right in their faces. What type of parent would subject their children to this filth? God help the children. Child services should be called – @sabback on Twitter.

One video which shows parents holding a sign that says ‘We’ll love our son even if he’s straight’ was reacted to by user @LonnyFountain1 who described the people in the video as ‘meat maggots’ and ‘human venom.’ 

Another video that shows a half-naked woman walking the streets of the NYC pride parade was reacted to by user @evanpower, who declared that the parade was inappropriate for kids.

It is unclear if any LGBTQ activists will be charged for indecent exposure to a minor anytime soon.

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