‘Squad’ Members Want $14 Trillion in Reparations, ‘Generational Trauma’ Causes Diabetes

Just days after multiple members of ‘The Squad’ voted against legislation to honor fallen police officers that received bipartisan support, they are now endorsing reparations for African-Americans to the tune of $14 trillion.

Representative Cori Bush, D-Mo, sponsored the resolution with several other progressive representatives, such as Rep. Rashida Talib, D-Mi.

The resolution states that the U.S. has a ‘legal and moral’ obligation to pay reparations to African -Americans and calls for $14 trillion, nearly half of the U.S.’ annual GDP, which Squad members say is ‘at least the amount of the black-white wealth gap,’ Bush told DailyMail.com.

Bush said that if the United States could ‘continue to fund endless wars,’ the country could afford reparations for Black people.

‘We’re working with this administration, we’re talking with other members of Congress, but I’ll say this,’ she said. ‘If we can continue to fund these endless wars, or we can continue to put trillions of dollars into these forever wars, into the Defense budget even beyond what they asked for, if we can send money abroad to help elsewhere, then we have to make sure because we’re talking about things that are happening now.’

She further said that the United States was founded on the belief that not all Americans were equal.

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‘Uncomfortable as it may be, our country was not founded on the principle that all people are created equal,’ Rep. Bush said.

Echoing a historical revisionist trope published by the New York Times called the ‘1619 Project’, Bush said that the U.S. was founded at the ‘expense of’ the freedom of black people.

‘It was founded at the expense of the lives, freedom, and well-being of black people, African folks who they stole, whose enslavement, exploitation, and dehumanization were written in the Constitution.’

The 1619 Project was proven to be a historical forgery by historians across the ideological spectrum.

‘The truth is slavery and discrimination are not a minor or insignificant part of our country’s development. They are integral.’ Bush further said.

Other progressive Representatives joined in Bush’s calls for reparations for African-Americans.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-Ny. said that African-Americans had suffered irreparable harm from discrimination, including ‘generational trauma.’

‘Trauma lives in the black body,’ said Bowman.

He dubiously claimed that trauma ‘lives in the blood vessels’ of Black people in America.

‘Research has shown this from generation to generation trauma lives in the body and lives in the blood vessels and lives in the DNA and the cells and the mind.’

Scholars on both sides of the aisle have questioned the validity of generational trauma as a legitimate concept.

Bowman went so far as to say that diabetes in Black people is attributable to generational trauma resulting from discrimination.

‘So when we talk about the disproportionate impact of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so on, stress, when we talk about that, it’s directly connected to our historical oppression in this country.’ He said.

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