Florida Dem Claims Veggies Will Rot in Fields For Lack of Illegal Migrants

Florida Democrat Representative  Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacked Governor Ron DeSantis for his recent sweeping state-level law curbing illegal immigrants’ access to Florida jobs and housing.


DeSantis explained the motive behind the bill.


“We determine as Americans what type of immigration system benefits our country, but when you’re doing immigration, it’s not for their benefit as foreigners, it’s for your benefit as Americans. So if there’s legal immigration that’s harming Americans, we shouldn’t do that either. For example, some of these H-1B visas, they would fire American tech workers and hire foreigners at lower wages. I don’t agree with that. I think that’s wrong. I think we should have more of a point system [for immigrants] like Canada or Australia — I don’t think we should have chain migration, diversity lottery, any of that, which is a lot of our immigration here,”

The bill mandates the use of e-verify to screen for illegal immigrants and toughens protections against human smuggling, which DeSantis argued will decrease the incentives for immigrants to attempt to enter the country illegally.

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DeSantis sounded off about the dangers of illegal immigration earlier this week in Iowa as well.

The current policy has been so effective that undocumented workers have left their jobs to flee the state or risk deportation. The exodus has even caused a stir on social media of people documenting the temporary shortage of workers.

In attempts to capitalize on this, Florida Democrat Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacked DeSantis, claiming.
“you’re going to have vegetables rotting in the fields.”

“When Arizona did the same to their immigrants in their state, it’s going to devastate our economy. Tourism, construction, agriculture. I mean, you’re gonna have vegetables rotting in the fields, you’re going to have construction sites that will lie dormant… the restaurant industry in particular rely on these workers.”

This narrative is not new. Georgia representative Hank Johnson claimed illegal immigrants “are the ones who are helping to put food on our table. Without them, we are not able to eat… We would have nobody taking care of the construction of our homes, nobody cleaning up in the hospitals,” last week.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made similar comments last year, saying illegal immigrants were necessary to “pick the crops.”


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DeSantis, however, pushed back on the criticism. Making clear that illegals not being allowed to work in Florida has “been the law forever,” and he is simply enforcing it.

DeSantis also emphasized that while there will be short-term difficulty with a sudden drop in the labor force, that enforcement is necessary to dismantle the incentives that create illegal immigration in the first place and will ultimately result in a stronger economy.


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