Congressman Chip Roy Accuses Maxine Waters of being a Socialist, Uses Her Own Words to Prove it

Texas Congressman Chip Roy nailed down Maxine Waters recently, forcing her to denounce socialism after reading back her words from 2008.

Waters, the former Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) got into it at a House Rules Committee hearing on whether the House should officially denounce the horrors of socialism. The resolution is sponsored by one of Florida’s representatives, Maria Salazer, who introduced the idea on January 25th.

Maxine Waters


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With this topic, it’s natural that Roy questioned Waters’s, who’s a far-left long-time politician, past statements. One of these statements, from 2008, reads as a full-on embrace of socialism.

However, before getting into the main point, Roy prefaced his question with commentary about how ‘democratic socialism’ is best understood.

“I was intrigued by an op-ed that I saw not too long ago by a Democrat from Cuba commenting on one of our colleagues, an avowed socialist [AOC], and essentially pointing out the extent to which ‘democratic socialism is a lot like the system my family fled except its proponents promised to be nicer when seizing your business.’That’s the truth.We can talk about these terms as if they don’t matter, but they do. They do matter. They’re actually at the core of who we are.”

Water’s replied, stating, “simple answer,” but then proceeded to avoid the question. Waters complained that the matter was “taking up time on basically a non-issue,” laughing at the idea that socialist forces threatened American democracy.

But again, Roy repeated the 2008 quote, where Waters herself, an elected member of American democracy, pushed on behalf of such socialistic forces. At this point, Waters was forced to answer the question claiming that “I’m not socialist. I’m a capitalist.”  Waters excused her past rhetoric as merely attempting to save social security and defend Medicare.

Roy, however, doing his best impression of a lawyer doing a cross-examination, asked Waters again to denounce her statement plainly.

“So you disagree with that? You now denounce that statement?” Roy asked. Waters again obliged and denied once more she was a socialist.

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However, some Twitter observers were not convinced of Waters’ sincerity.

One noted her original attempt to dodge the question.

Another pointed out a contradiction in Waters’ statements in the hearing and her regular rhetoric.

A different observer put his finger on a subtle but crucial rhetorical shift regarding American governance, arguing that even language is pushing toward radical change.


Whether or not the resolution to officially denounce the horrors of socialism with ultimately pass remains to be seen.

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