Florida House Leadership Sends Message to Members, Dress Like Grownups

Republican House leadership has put out a dress code flyer for members. The flyer was posted in the Capitol, and each member got one on their desk. The basic message is that you’re a politician; dress like one. 

I know indignant outrage is going to follow, but leadership is right. I don’t know if it’s the months of working at home or what, but people have forgotten that you’re supposed to look a certain way. Professional attire inspires confidence and gives you credibility. It’s a uniform that screams, “I mean business.”

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Does this group look like they’re at the gym? No. They look like people who have jobs.

The flyer shows examples for male and female members of what’s appropriate in the chamber, the building, the Capitol, and outside the building. The chamber and the building attire are the same. Outside of the building, the look is business casual. 

The message from leadership is clear. House members are elected officials. Dress like a professional.

Something Stinks, but it’s not Roses. Roses No Longer Smell

You may be wondering why anyone cares what someone wears outside of work. Tallahassee is a small place in terms of the political world, and your colleagues are everywhere. There’s no hiding out. 

There’s also a section on the flyer of examples never deemed work-appropriate. Those looks consist of short skirts, tight dresses, cleavage, sleeveless, no socks, t-shirts, ripped jeans, and leggings. Admittedly, no leggings would be tough for me, but I’m not a member, so I’m not held to the same standards. Members are held to a higher standard and tough if they don’t like it. Looking appropriate is part of the job, and your constituents do care. Your constituents should be treated respectfully, and making an effort with personal appearance is a form of respect that too many people have lost sight of. 

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This flyer was done in a politically correct manner, but it’s geared toward female members. These women can be as outraged about this as they would like, but I’ve seen the way a lot of them dress, and it’s embarrassing. 

This isn’t a look that works for a politician. You’re an elected official, and you should dress like one.

The bottom line is that this flyer didn’t appear for no reason. People complain about the lack of professionalism some members display, and leadership sends a message.

Dress for the job you want to keep, not for the frat party you left behind. 

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