Christen Ritchey Drops Out, Marc Wigder Unopposed in Boca Raton

Christen Ritchey, a lawyer and community activist, has withdrawn from the Boca Raton City Council Seat B race, leaving Marc Wigder to run unopposed on March 14.

City of Boca Raton Website

I spoke to Ritchey, and she said,

I am excited about the progress that is on our horizon. However, after much thought and consideration, I believe now is not the right time for what could likely be a costly election for Boca Raton. I will remain active and involved throughout the community, and I believe Boca will be in good hands with Marc Wigder. ~Christen Ritchey

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Ritchey’s gracious statement shows concern and thoughtfulness for the people of Boca Raton, and I’m sure she’ll be a force for good in our city for a long time to come.  

Christen Ritchey

Ms. Ritchey called me and told me she was withdrawing from the race and was going to support me on council and I thanked her as well for all the hard work she put in her campaign. We were both really excited to continue to work together going forward on the many issues facing Boca Raton. ~Marc Wigder

Wigder is an investor, lawyer, and cancer survivor who got a second lease on life and decided to help his city more.


Marc Wigder

“I started talking to people on the city council of Boca Raton and letting them know the issues that are facing my clients. And so they basically said, “hey, you know, you can get involved” and so I joined a city board, I joined the community advisory panel, and then I found that I can be a voice for citizens. And so that’s over five years ago, I joined that board, and I became interested in other city issues.” ~Marc Wigder

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Wigder and Ritchey share their concern for the city’s well-being, and nothing proves that more than their opposition to extending the City Council’s time in office.

I support the current two, three-year terms as previously approved by the voters of Boca Raton. If voters want me back, they can vote for me again in three years. I don’t support extending the current city council’s terms. ~Marc Wigder

From Ritchey’s Facebook page.

Christen Ritchey on Term Limits

You’ll be hearing much more about the three self-serving career politicians who want Boca Raton taxpayers to spend six figures to hold an election so they can try and extend their own time in office: wannabe “Mayor for Life” Scott Singer and his two go-fers, Yvette Drucker and Monica Mayotte.

But that’s for later; I want to congratulate Wigder and Ritchey for caring about Boca Raton, and I wish them well.

We here at Florida Jolt wish all our readers and people of goodwill a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

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