Boca Raton Swamp Conducts Loaded Poll to Trick Residents

Whenever special interests and politicians want to pretend the “people” want exactly what they want, they conduct a fixed poll, and that’s just what the Boca Raton wannabe dictators for life on the city council did or caused to be done today.

This text hit the mobile phones of Boca voters today:


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When you click on the link, the poll asks if you plan to vote in March.

The poll asks a bunch of questions to disguise its real purpose. Questions like, “Is Boca Raton on the right track, do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of council people, Yvette Drucker, Andrea O’Rourke, Monica Mayotte, Mayor for Life Scott Singer, and newly elected County Commissioner Marci Woodward?”

I’ve written polls; those are throwaway questions.

While I took the poll myself, these screencaps are from a Jolt reader who took the poll, and this answer made me laugh.

The respondent would be less likely to vote for Marc Wigder, a Republican running in March for city council, if Mayor Scott Singer endorsed him and if the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce endorsed him. You can like or not like Singer, a Republican turncoat who betrayed his own party in November, but in a well-to-do town like Boca Raton, it’s laughable that the Chamber of Commerce isn’t trusted and hasn’t been an effective local political player since the days of Mike Arts.

All throwaway questions, though.

I worked as a consultant for many years and often worked with the consultants the Boca Swamp uses. Try to hide their advisors as they may, I know who they are.

These are the important questions, but they’re literally subliminal influencers, not real questions.

This question is worded to give voters the impression they’re voting for term limits when they’re not.

This one is the mother of all lies, though.

Who the heck is ‘many?” That is the biggest signal there is of someone speaking with their own voice and pretending it isn’t. Besides Singer, his consultant, and some big special interests, there are no “many.” I wouldn’t allow my writers on Jolt to write such dreck, but the swamp must think the people of Boca Raton are stupid.

I texted Singer about the poll, and while he usually responds, he didn’t this time.

Test to Scott Singer

I give everyone I write about the opportunity to comment, and if they’re afraid of being misquoted, I give them the chance to send me a quote in writing.

Something worth noting for elected officials from both parties, no one is under any obligation to talk to anyone at Florida Jolt. Still, because I’m scrupulously fair about asking for a comment when a politician doesn’t respond, I know they have something to hide, and my team starts digging deeper, and I have some great researchers.

Please email and call the Boca City Council members and let them know you oppose their power grab.

Mayor Scott Singer

Mayor Scott Singer

Email Scott

Phone: 561-393-7708

Andrea Levine O'Rourke

City Council Member & Deputy Mayor Andrea Levine O’Rourke

Email Andrea

Phone: 561-393-7708

Yvette Drucker

City Council Member Yvette Drucker

Email Andrea

Phone: 561-393-7708

City Council Member & CRA Chair Monica Mayotte

Email Monica

Phone: 561-393-7708

Fran Nachlas

City Council Member
Phone: 561-393-7708
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