Boca Swamp Weasels Vote Yes to Extending Term Limits

Yesterday the Boca Raton City Council voted yes to the dreaded term limit extension, which will go on the next ballot for residents to vote on. The vote was three in favor and two opposed. The ordinance in question will change the terms for the mayor and council members from three to four years, should Boca residents vote for it in March. The ordinance straight from the city meeting agenda, complete with grammar errors, states:

B. Ordinance No. 5637

An ordinance of the City of Boca Raton proposing n amendment to the City Charter changing the terms of office of the Mayor and City Council Members from three (3) years to four (4) years, extending the terms of those council members who terms are due to expire March 2024 by one additional year; providing for submission of the proposed City Charter amendment to the electors of the City at the regular election on March 14, 2023; providing for severability; providing for repealer; providing for codification; providing an effective date

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Forever Mayor Scott Singer got an early Christmas gift. If this goes through, he will be mayor for a decade. The question is, why would any Republican vote for this? Many Democrats are in favor of term limits now, which shows that everyone knows how wrong this really is. Singer never did answer the simple “are you in favor of term limits?” question. He gave us some bullshit answer that said, it’s not me. “It’s whatever the people want. I won’t be voting for it. They’ll be voting for it.” Meanwhile, the city council votes on whether or not this power grab goes on the next ballot. We know that no one is begging these people to stay in office, so clearly, someone on the council wanted it. My money is on Singer.

It’s not surprising that Democrat Yvette Drucker voted in favor of this. She is the one who introduced the ordinance at the November meeting. The Grinch who stole Boca, Scott Singer, voted yes. Democrat Monica Mayotte voted in favor of it as well. Bah humbug.

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Florida Jolt will follow the money to see who pays for the big campaign to convince you that this poison is good. Now it’s up to you, the residents of Boca Raton. Do not be fooled. They’re making you think this is a shiny gift in your Christmas stocking, but they’re really giving you a lump of coal.

Vote no to extending term limits.

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