Unemployed Liz Cheney Lectures MTG on Constitution, Gets Humiliated for Ignorance

Liz Cheney is no longer a member of Congress, but that didn’t stop her from trying to pick a fight with Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA. Cheney tweeted from the unemployment line on Monday, lecturing Greene on the “governing principles of America” after the Georgia congresswoman proposed a national divorce.

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Greene had tweeted earlier,

“We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

Greene’s comments sparked disapproval from both sides of the aisle. Her proposal is still making headlines two days later. Cheney, who has been languishing in obscurity since getting trounced by 40 points last summer, decided this would be her moment to shine.

“Let’s review some of the governing principles of America, [Marjorie Taylor Greene] Our country is governed by the Constitution. You swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Secession is unconstitutional. No member of Congress should advocate secession, Marjorie.”

On both sides of the debate, Liz Cheney was the last person anybody wanted to hear from. Republicans especially were not interested in a lecture from the former January 6 committee vice chair.

“Where does the Constitution forbid secession?” Grabien founder Tom Elliot asked. “Seems weird the Founders would do so since secession is how the colonies broke free from King George III.”

Other users joined in, questioning the former lawyer’s expertise in constitutional law.

“‘ Secession is unconstitutional.’ No, it is not. Unilateral secession is unconstitutional (Texas v. White, 1869). However, with the consent of all states, a secession can very well be constitutional. But this might be too much for you to understand, Lizzy.”

“Well, Liz,” wrote one commenter, “this may come as a surprise to you, but the Constitution very clearly states…

‘That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government'”

Former California Senate Candidate James Bradley, R, also said, “You swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. So did you, and then the first thing you did was betray a duly-elected president because the Democrats paid you better. Never think you can lecture us, honey.”

Bradley hits the nail on the head.

According to Cheney’s financial disclosure statements, her net worth exploded by as much as 600% during her time in Congress. By 2020, her net worth was estimated to be as high as $44 million, compared to around $7 million when she entered Congress in 2017.

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Cheney is reportedly mulling over a potential 2024 presidential run. If she wants to win the presidency, however, she will likely need more than the $44 million and five supporters that she currently has. Perhaps a few more scolding tweets will put her over the top.

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