Records Show Dem Bruce Antone Living Outside Required District

A Democratic lawmaker in Orlando is now under scrutiny after repeatedly listing his home address on official paperwork as outside his legislative District, according to a new report. Bruce Antone, a seven-times elected state rep., could face potential penalties if he is found to have violated Florida law, which requires members to live in the districts they represent.

A review by the Orlando Sentinel of more than two decades of campaign filings, financial reports, property listings, and voter registration records led to the startling revelation that Antone is currently running for re-election in House District 41. He had, until recently, maintained residency in House District 40.

Under state law, candidates must live and be registered to vote in the District they are running in and maintain their residence throughout their elected term.

According to the paper, when a reporter pressed Antone about the discrepancy, he filed to change his residential address and voter registration the following day,

“With that change, Antone updated his voter registration records to show that he lives with a district aide on his legislative staff, in her Orlando apartment 10 miles away. Antone said he is married to another woman but separated.” ~ Orlando Sentinel

Antone later confirmed to the publication that he changed his address due to the reporter’s questioning, claiming that he had forgotten to change his voting records after moving.

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Florida House rules recognize a lawmaker’s official residence as being the same one listed in their official documents, filings, driver’s licenses, voter registration, or statements to others. The report noted that while Antone had submitted documents to the House clerk since 2014 claiming to live in the District he represented, none of the paperwork included any specific home address. The Democratic lawmaker had signed the documents affirming that he was a legal resident of the District he was representing.

It is unclear if Antone will face any formal investigation over the questions raised by the report. Under Florida House rules, Antone could potentially face expulsion over the violation. Additionally, if Antone is suspected of perjury or lying on his official paperwork, prosecutors could opt to press charges.

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Antone has served three stints in the Florida House over the past two decades: from 2002 to 2006, from 2012 to 2020, and from 2022 to the present.

This is not the first time the Orlando lawmaker has faced scrutiny over his legal residency. While serving House District 46 in 2020, Antone decided to run for the Orange County School Board. Despite having seven months remaining in his House term, Antone reportedly changed his residency to the 45th District ahead of his school board bid.

The move prompted Antone’s opponent in the school board race to file a lawsuit, claiming that he did not live within the school board district and was thus unqualified to be on the ballot. Antone later withdrew from the race.

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