Teen ‘Felt Good’ About Going on Florida Shooting Spree

Georgia Man Jailen Rasheed Houston, 19, of Dallas, Georgia, is in the Orange County Jail after going on a shooting spree in Orlando.

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At Approximately 10:40 p.m. Orange County Deputies responded to the West Gate resort on Turkey Lake Road about an active shooter.

According to the report, Houston walked into the lobby and opened fire, striking one woman in the leg before fleeing in a black Lexus sedan in his vehicle.

A few minutes later, calls to 911 started coming in from the Marriott Cypress Harbour Villas about a man opening fire on a female security guard.

Houston fled the Harbour Villas, and at around the same time, calls came about a shooter at a resort across the street at Integra Cove Boulevard, where Houston fired into several apartments. Luckily there were no injuries.

A few minutes later, calls regarding a man at the intersection of Central Florida Parkway and Westwood Boulevard randomly firing at vehicles and a Mears Transportation bus. Injuries there were limited to victims being stuck by broken glass.

“We can’t be certain of the exact chronology as of yet because we’re very early in the investigation,” Undersheriff Mark Canty said. “But we know these events happened very, very quickly. And he had enough time to do these events and then drive at very high speeds about 10 miles to the Osceola County line.”

Houston fled the area but crashed his vehicle near the Orange/Osceola County line. Deputies found him sitting outside on the guardrail near his vehicle and he was placed into custody. His rifle, which by the way he is prohibited from possessing, was secured.

When Deputies interviewed Hudson, they asked how he felt about it to which he stated he “felt good,” and it “relieved some of the frustration he felt.” He also said he would do it again.

According to Orange County Undersheriff Mark Canty the reason for the shooting spree was, Houston “felt that he had been scammed at the hotel.” Houston stated he traveled to Orlando to enroll in a university and felt the resort tried to scam him when he checked in.

Houston was transported to the Orange County Jail and charged with one count of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm, pre-meditated, with more charges pending and being held without bond.

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