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Several months ago, a new pizzeria decided to go into a doomed location on Federal Highway, just across from Mizner Park. Business after business shut down in this location, and when I heard that one of Miami’s most well-known pizza joints was moving in, I was skeptical of their staying power. It seemed apparent that the person choosing this location wasn’t familiar with Boca Raton. Let’s hope their pizza finally lets a business succeed in this spot. Since we aren’t here to be commercial real estate experts and are here to dispense our pizza expertise, let’s only focus on the pizza.

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Mister 01 has been called Miami’s most famous pizza and has appeared in the top 10, 15, and 20 lists of every website looking to get visitors without having a pizza expert on staff. As of publishing this pizza review, they have 9 locations throughout Florida. When it first opened, we made the trip down to Miami to taste it, and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t consider it to be top 5 by any means, but it was probably top 10.

We made it in on the first day, which was pretty busy. I was excited when I heard they were coming to my City and anxiously awaited their opening. Perhaps it was because they were giving you a free Nutella pizza dessert, or maybe it was because people around here love going to try a place so they can complain the pizza is too thin, too well done, took too long, etc. You know the drill.

Mister 01 pizzaWe ordered a classic 13-inch cheese pizza, to begin with. It was well priced at $11.99. To put that in perspective, other places like Le Sorelle charge $17, and Louie Bossi charges $17.50. Each business uses different ingredients, which is a steep difference for a small, individual pie. The pizza arrived reasonably quickly and was evenly sliced, so I took my first bite. It was delicious. Much better than the pie I had in Miami that one time I made the trek down there.

This is a thin no-nonsense style “bar pie.” Do not go thinking you will get a thick Sicilian style or puffy crust. Mister 01 in Boca Raton uses very little sauce, a quality cheese blend, and an extremely thin crust.

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According to the Mister 01 website, “Mister 01 uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, most of which are imported from Italy or locally sourced. The artisanal pizza is a delicate thin-crust style with very light dough, which is prepared and rests for a minimum of 72 hours into a natural levitation before being served.”

Mister 01 extraordinary Pizza,Although I didn’t try their Extraordinary Pizza, my guest did. These pizzas are stuffed with ricotta cheese with a star-shaped edged. It is a pretty interesting-looking pie.
I have heard people complaining while they are there that it is too thin, but for me, I loved the thin crust. This is the type of pizza I was able to eat alone and not walk away feeling disgustingly bloated.

Although we have returned to Mister 01 in Boca Raton several other times, we did have a bad experience once. The pizza came out almost entirely burnt, and I was shocked that they would even put it on the table. It deterred us from returning for a while, but we have since returned, and it was back to normal.

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Mister 01 used to be packed after opening. It hasn’t been too busy lately. Give it a try, and let’s help a business finally succeed in this spot.

Since WorstPizza.com uses a 0-8 slice rating, Mister 01 in Boca Raton gets a 6/8 slice rating.

Mister 01 is located at 555 N Federal Hwy Suite #5, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

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