Fla. Mom of Deprogrammed Mount Holyoke Grad Wants You to Know Woke Schools Are Dangerous

Melinda Rockwell sent her daughter to a highly regarded university, Mount Holyoke. She had no idea then that college would do damage to her daughter that would take years to undo.

Annabella, now 30, has come forward with the harrowing story of her life at Mount Holyoke. She says the school brainwashed her into becoming a woke feminist who hates men. The school even went as far as trying to turn her against her own mother for having values different from the woke faculty. Today, Annabella works at PragerU, spreading the word about the destructive ideologies students are subjected to on campuses.

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Annabella is one of the lucky ones. She has a mother who never lost hope and never gave up. She worked with cult “deprogrammers” to help get her daughter back. Annabella is now the person she was before college, and her story has made national news.

Annabella and Melinda Rockwell

Melinda says she noticed immediate changes in her daughter when she started school. She started talking about being oppressed by the patriarchy and began to believe that her mother was holding her back from her “true self.” Students were encouraged to forget about gender roles. One common ritual among new students was to get the “MoHo chop,” a masculine haircut. Melinda started to feel cut off from her daughter and that the values she raised her with were replaced. Students and faculty bullied conservative students and ostracized those with views different from the woke cult.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer who also attended Mount Holyoke, echoed these sentiments:

As an opinionated conservative woman, I transferred out of Mount Holyoke after only one semester due to the college’s intolerance for conservative viewpoints. I found Mount Holyoke’s militant Marxist famous culture to be toxic to open discourse, free speech, and their academic curriculum was nothing more than a six-figure price tag for leftist indoctrination with a radical LGBTQ twist. In other words, not my type. ~Laura Loomer

Melinda says many of the students had boyfriends freshman year, but by the time they graduated, they had girlfriends. Melinda felt these women were pressured into things they did not want. By the time her daughter graduated, she was sullen; she thought the world was dark and had a drinking problem.

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After graduation, Annabella worked in Democratic politics on the Hillary Clinton campaign. In 2018, she moved back to Florida and became a field director for Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign.

Alyssa Milano and Annabella Rockwell

Melinda did not interfere, but once the drinking stopped, she made progress with her. Annabella started to see that she didn’t believe in the ideology she was taught. She started spending time with old friends and slowly became her old self again with support from her mother.

Melinda has been researching how schools are influencing children. Her main concern is that “children are being taught woke ideology earlier and earlier. This is going on in middle schools and lower schools. Children are being influenced by their school’s ideas, and the parents are being completely cut out of the equation. Children are becoming manufactured, socialist robots.”

Melinda feels there’s no one to support the parents and protect their rights.

“We’re making strides in Florida, but we need to be vigilant.”

Thorson, Melinda, and Annabella Rockwell

Melinda is fighting back by starting the Melinda Rockwell foundation. She wants to arm parents with information and resources to protect their children. Many people have reached out to her for help since learning about Annabella’s story. They have their own horror stories, and they feel alone.

Melinda wants the public to know what’s happening in our schools. She plans to create support systems for parents. She says she is fighting back to save what’s left of our children. Let’s stop this indoctrination before it’s too late.

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