Despite New Warning, Palm Beach County School Board to Send Radical Leftist Ayala to ‘Equity’ Conference

The Palm Beach County School Board voted 6-1 to spend three thousand dollars on sending radical leftist and District 2 school board member Alexandria Ayala, to an NSBA Equity Symposium, despite being warned again by the DeSantis administration about their ‘equity’ policy.

NSBA stands for National School Board Association, and it’s to the left of Che Guevara.

Every school board in the state has been warned not to violate state law.

Palm Beach County was warned again by Senior Chancellor Jacob Oliva in a letter dated November 18, 2022, which said, in part:

After initial review of the policies and procedures submitted by the district, it appears that some of these policies or procedures may have not yet been updated to comply with revised Florida law and State Board of Education rule. This list is not exhaustive, and your district should strive to review all its policies and procedures for other provisions that may not comport with Florida law. Specifically, the “Palm Beach County School Board – Policy Number 1.041 – Equity Policy,” includes the following:

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Full letter as follows:

Before voting against the travel authorization, District 3 School Board member and Board Vice Chair Karen Brill warned that

This item is to vote to authorize travel to the NSBA Equities Symposium and Advocacy Institute. And as board members know, the Superintendent has received a letter from Chancellor Aleva indicating it appears some of our policies or procedures may not have been updated to comply with revised Florida law and the State Board of Education rule.

I reviewed the information available for the Symposium, and from what I read, it will not provide useful information that can be implemented here in the State of Florida because of the laws that are currently in place, and so for that reason, I’m going to vote not in favor. ~Karen Brill

In Two PBC School Board Members Vote Against Expelling Student for Meat Cleaver, I wrote:

Ayala is the woke progressive constantly jockeying for attention by defying the law. She criticizes and defies laws and policies every chance she gets. Ayala doesn’t like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and she makes it known any time she can.

Alexandria Ayala

So the school board, greenlighted by School Superintendent Michael Burke (Why does he still have a job?), threw away taxpayer money to send the radical Ayala to a symposium designed to make her more radical and probably more willing to violate Florida law when she returns.

Burke shouldn’t have greenlighted this trip to the board because it would only encourage further defiance of Florida law. The trip may be technically legal, but it’s a typical swampish move and violates the law’s spirit.

Boca Raton City Council Baby Swamp Creature Has Arrived

Maybe the school board doesn’t read or understand much about politics, but Gov. DeSantis won by a landslide, and Republicans have a supermajority in the legislature. The Palm Beach County School System will need a lot of consideration from them in the next few years, and constantly giving the governor and the legislature the middle finger does a disservice to our children and all the residents of Palm Beach County.

The School Board video. Go to the one hour and three-minute mark to see Brill’s statement and the vote.

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