Mike Caruso FL HD 87 Rocked the House Celebrating Huge Win and Red Wave

Caruso cruised to victory and trounced his opponent 59.3% to 40.69%, but Caruso was expected to win. and win by a lot. While we were celebrating the Carusos, the Carusos and the crowd were ecstatic over Florida results in general, especially in Palm Beach County. I kept refreshing the Palm Beach County Election Supervisor’s site on my phone most of the night because I was stunned at the numbers I saw.

Many people in Palm Beach County need congratulations, like Mike Barnett and Matt Wirgau, of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County and their team, who fought the good fight for all their candidates and helped flip Palm Beach County Red.

Republican Peggy Gossett-Seidman beat Democrat Andy Thomson for Fl HD 51.76% to 48.24%, a great win and a harsh blow to the Boca Swamp that spawned him. You’ll be hearing more about that in the days to come.

There’s no longer any doubt Mike and Tracy Caruso are the new power couple in Palm Beach County. Mike is a tireless worker and an excellent tactician, and his wife Tracy is a political tornado and a force of nature. Tracy Caruso spent a lot of time and effort on the Seidman campaign, and if it were not for her and Seidman’s warrior consultant, Anthony Pedicini, who never tired and never faltered, who knows how the race would have gone?

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Mike and Tracy Caruso.

The Caruso Party was held at Museum 66 in Boynton Beach, a cool joint.

Start of the party;

There are so many people to congratulate, and I’m going to get to them all in the days to come. The inside story and analysis of what happened what does it mean?

In stunning upsets, Republican Sara Baxter beat Democrat Michelle Oyola McGovern by 52.53% to 47.47% for County Commission District 6, and Republican Marci Woodward beat sitting Democrat County Commissioner Robert Weinroth in District 4 by 51.84% to 48.16%. These two wins have enormous consequences for the county, and I congratulate Baxter and Woodward on a job well done.

The elegant and vivacious Francesca Daniels danced the night away and dominated the dance floor while I was there.

Bill and Roxanna Trinka styled up the joint with attire appropriate for the evening.

Bill and Roxanna Trinka


Stay tuned, Palm Beach County changed last night, and there will be a lot to talk about.

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