Marjorie Taylor Greene Called ‘Evil’ For Wanting National Divorce, But Many Americans Agree

Lawmakers and pundits across the GOP denounced Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over her calls for a “national divorce,” but the Georgia congresswoman may have more support than people realize.

Greene went on a Twitter tear on Monday, thrashing Joe Biden and the Democrat Party for abandoning the American people, and said she wanted to see blue states and red states go their separate ways.

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“We need a national divorce,” She wrote. “We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.” Greene’s controversial tweet has received over 22 million views and 38,000 replies.

Most of those replies expressed bipartisan condemnation of Greene’s proposal.

Utah Republican Governor Spencer Cox tweeted, “This rhetoric is destructive and wrong and—honestly—evil. We don’t need a divorce, we need marriage counseling. And we need elected leaders that don’t profit by tearing us apart. We can disagree without hate. Healthy conflict was critical to our nation’s founding and survival.”

Rich Lowry of the National Review replied, “Great idea. So who gets control of the 1.3 million-strong U.S. military and the stockpile of 3,800 nuclear warheads?”

Greene later clarified her position, saying that “National divorce is not civil war,” before continuing, “but Biden and the neocons are leading us into WW3,” in reference to escalation tensions surrounding the Russia-Ukraine War.

While public figures across the U.S. slammed Green for her comments, their near-universal condemnation of “national divorce” may not entirely reflect what voters are thinking.

When the debate over a hypothetical national divorce made headlines in 2021, the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics commissioned a study on left-right political divisions in America. They discovered that a shocking amount of both republicans and democrats were open to the idea.

Roughly one thousand Trump voters and one thousand Biden voters were asked to read the following statement:

“The situation in America is such that I would favor [Red/Blue] states seceding from the union to form their own separate countries.”

Researchers found that 52 percent of Trump voters and 41 percent of Biden voters agreed with the statement.

Monday was not the first time Greene had floated the idea of national divorce either. Courting similar controversy, Greene also suggested the idea in 2021, accusing California democrats of trying to “ruin” America. At the time, she offered up a poll of her own on Twitter, asking, “Should America have a national divorce?”

Like UVA’s study, the largest share of responses was against a divorce, but not by much. According to the answers, nearly 48 percent supported a red-and-blue national divorce, compared to 43 percent against, and roughly 9 percent undecided.

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The responses to Greene’s biannual national divorce tweets are proof enough that there is little mainstream support for such a proposal. But if there is any truth to the scant polling on the subject, that may not be the case forever.

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