Former GOP Gov. Larry Hogan Attacks DeSantis Education Policy, Sparking Massive Pushback

Former Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan came out on Sunday to criticize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ education policies, calling them “big government” and sparking backlash from DeSantis’ defenders.


In a Sunday Interview with Meet the Press, Hogan initially voiced his empathy for those concerned about educational standards in public schools.

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“I think that it’s an important issue, and I do hear it, that people are concerned about this as I travel around the country. Most people just don’t think we should be talking about, y’know, things like sex to young kids, and parents want to be more involved in these decisions about what their kids are being taught.”

DeSantis’ policies are designed to address the exact concerns that Hogan mentioned. But it heard where Hogan’s sympathetic words stopped.

“However, I think some of this rhetoric, demanding that things be done a certain way, or that you can’t say this or you can’t say that, we got to be really careful about that.”

Talk show host Erick Erickson lambasted Hogan for the position, noting that there is no neutral option for setting school standards.

“Larry Hogan is essentially saying that setting standards for education, which he supports, is fine so long as conservatives are not the ones setting those standards. Then it becomes a problem. This is not a good position to take.”

Hogan justified his position and took implicit shots at DeSantis by calling himself a “small government conservative.”

“I’m a small-government, common-sense conservative and, to me, it sounds like big government and authoritarian, and you have to agree with me, and I’ll tell you what you can and can’t do.”

Even National Review Editor Rich Lowry weighed in, saying that Hogan is “wrong” on the issue, as there’s no way to run public schools in a libertarian fashion.

“Larry Hogan is wrong about this. Public authorities control public schools. They always have and will. The question is whether the education blob gets to run out of control and impose its political agenda on the schools or not.”The interview also touched on a potential presidential run for Hogan, who left the Governor’s office a month ago. Hogan claims he will be making a decision soon.

Hogan does not support Trump as the Republican nominee, seemingly for the same reasons that he’s not a fan of DeSantis.

“I’m a lifelong Republican who wants to support the nominee of the party, whoever that is. However, you know, I’ve said before I didn’t support Trump, I wouldn’t support Trump. You know, I’d put the country ahead of party and not put somebody in that is not, should not be the president.”

Ironically, this distaste for Trump may keep Hogan out of the race. Conventional wisdom says that the more crowded the field becomes, the better chance Trump has to repeat the 2016 primary.

“I care about making sure we have a future for the Republican Party. And if we can stop Donald Trump and elect a great Republican, common-sense conservative leader, then certainly that would be a factor.”

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