Florida Woman Caught on Video Stealing Two Dogs from Strangers Driveway

Florida Woman Sherry Mae Comer, 49, of Lakeland, is in Sheriff Grady Judd’s Polk County Pokey after she was caught on surveillance camera stealing two dogs from their owner’s driveway.

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Comer was seen on video walking onto the owner’s driveway, kneeling, and start petting the dogs. She then looked around, grabbed the first dog by the collar, and picked it up. The second dog didn’t appear to like her taking her sibling and started barking. As the second dog got close enough to her, she grabbed it by the collar and picked it up also. She then walked across the street, got into a green Jeep Cherokee Sport, and drove off with the two kidnapped dogs.

Pro Tip, Ms. Comer, if you’re looking to breed dogs, then speak with the owners and make an agreement. People love their pets, and you may pick the wrong house one day.

The dog’s owner reported the theft to Polk County Sheriff’s Office and then posted the video to social media, hoping the Facebook posse would come through, and they did. Someone recognized the double dog napper and told the dog’s owner her name was Sherry Comer.

Sherry Mae Comer

Polk County Sheriff’s detectives arrived at Comer’s home, approximately three miles from the home she reportedly stole the dogs from, and found about 20 other dogs inside, including the two stolen ones. Comer told the detectives that she breeds and sells dogs.

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Detectives requested that Polk County animal control come out and check to see if any other dogs might be stolen. Animal control arrived at her home, scanned all the dogs, and found none microchipped.

All the dogs were well cared for, and the living conditions were clean and safe. No other criminal activity was found in Comer’s home.

The two dogs were returned to their owner, and Comer was arrested and transported to the Polk County Jail, where she was charged with unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling and two counts of grand theft. Her bond has now been set at $5,250.

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