Florida Rapper YNW Melly Planned Escape from Broward Jail

Florida Rapper YNW Melly, is accused of attempting an escape from the Broward County Jail with the help of his attorney.

Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, has been sitting in the Broward County jail awaiting trial since February 2019 charged with the murders of  two friends/crew members “YNW Juvy” Thomas, Jr., and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams.

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The Broward County Sheriff’s Office General Counsel’s Office released a statement reference Melly which reads in part:

“On April 11, 2022, Broward Sheriff’s Office received a confidential tip regarding inmates Nicholas Lewis and Jamell Demons, both housed in the same unit at the Main Jail, planning an escape from jail by having Demons’ attorney bring in two handcuff keys to aid in the escape. Additional information provided by the source was that Lewis had a shank and drugs.”

Melly and his attorney were allegedly going to help his friend Nicholas Lewis also escape by having the Melly’s attorney bring two handcuff keys into the jail to aid in the escape.

Jail officials received a tip about the escape plan from a jailhouse snitch and conducted a search of Lewis’ cell. Inside they discovered a six-inch shank, razor blades, lighters, rolling papers, and Seroquel and Klonopin pills.

Melly’s cell was also searched, but officers only discovered commissary food and “excessive jail-issued clothing.”

Christian Tsoubanos, Assistant General Counsel for the Broward Sherriff’s Office stated:

“The confidential source gave us two pieces of information. One of them [about the shank and drugs] turned out to be a hundred percent true. And when they did the search of Demons’ cell, they did not find the handcuff key, but it could have been that there was not an opportunity to bring it into the facility yet.”

Melly originally faced a ride to Florida State Prison’s death chamber in Raeford as the death penalty was requested by prosecutors for the murders of Thomas and Williams. Melly’s attorney’s managed to get the possibility of the death penalty struck down, but prosecutors have appealed the decision, and the case is still pending in Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal. 

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