Florida News Outlet Calls DeSantis ‘Pro-Hurricane’… Gets Shredded by Conservative Twitter

As Hurricane Ian touches down in Florida, numerous people have reminded us that so-called ‘hurricane politics’ are a part of life in the Sunshine State, but a recent article by a Florida news publication went further than most people would be willing to go.

Craig Pittman, writing for Florida Phoenix, refused to call Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by name, though it was clear who he was referring to when he said that one of Florida’s elected officials has a ‘pro-hurricane’ platform.

” I wonder how many of us will think about our elected leaders’ role in causing this to happen. One of them has even been running on what I can only call a pro-hurricane platform.” Pittman said.

Pittman’s article was about climate change, where he claimed that Republican politicians are largely responsible for natural disasters such as Hurricane Ian.

Pittman attributed Hurricane Ian to a process called ‘rapid intensification’ that is facilitated by climate change and, of course, blamed climate change occurring in Florida on DeSantis.

“What causes “rapid intensification”? Warmer-than-usual water in the Gulf of Mexico. The warmer the gulf gets, the stronger the hurricanes.

In other words, climate change. You know — that term that our governor seems afraid to mention.”  Pittman said.

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The Florida Phoenix later deleted the Tweet promoting the article, but the article is still up on their website.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ Rapid Response Director, decided to take the high road and said that DeSantis and the Florida government are focused on helping Floridians being hit by the hurricane rather than partisan politics.

Twitter users expressed outrage at the article that politicized an ongoing tragedy that has already claimed multiple lives and left millions without power and shelter.

“You paid someone to write this garbage?” One user replied to the now-deleted Tweet.

Another user called the Tweet ‘abhorrent,’ saying that it was inappropriate to use the hurricane to ‘dunk on R’s (Republicans).

Various liberal Twitter users concurred with Pittman, with one bizarrely comparing DeSantis’ response to Hurricane Ian to his stance on vaccine mandates.

DeSantis encouraged Floridians to stay away from the Hurricane and told them not to ‘rush’ to come home in a public statement on Twitter this afternoon.

For Florida residents who are interested in assisting in relief efforts for Hurricane Ian rather than playing partisan politics, the Florida Government released a portal that can be used to donate or sign up for volunteering.

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