Florida Man Fires Shotgun at Patrol Car

Florida Man Gary Green is in the St Johns County jail after attempting to kill a St. Johns County deputy. Apparently, Deputy Sheriff’s didn’t have enough to do dealing with the effects of Hurricane Ian, so they had to chase down a suspect who shot at one of their vehicles with a shotgun.

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St. Johns County deputies were dispatched to a report of a road rage incident in the Moultrie Creek area involving a person brandishing a firearm in the roadway. A St. Johns County deputy spotted the vehicle in question on U.S. 1 and observed two occupants with a female driving. The deputy started to make a U-turn and stop the vehicle reference the road rage incident when the windshield of his patrol vehicle was struck by a round of double-aught buckshot fired from the suspect vehicle. The shot was fired by the passenger, later identified as Gary Green who was armed with a shotgun.

According to St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick, some of the buckshot penetrated the windshield, but the deputy was uninjured. He was a little shaken up though, as the pellets struck the windshield where his head was. Even so, Hardwick stated the same deputy that was fired upon performed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver and ended the pursuit.

Sheriff Hardwick had this to say about the incident:

It makes me sick to my stomach,” says Hartwick. “… that deputy sheriff should ultimately be dead. By the grace of god, of course it’s a double-aught buck, and actually the pellets were actually all around where the deputy’s head would be.”

“Those are those critical incidents that actually go on – stupidity that actually takes our first responders away from what we’re trying to do (which) is protect our citizens and make sure our communities are safe (during the storm),”

The two were transported to the St. Johns County jail and being held on a slew of charges including attempted murder.

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