Florida Man Convicted of 1991 Cold Case Murder

Florida man Michael Townson, 53, of the Florida Department of Corrections, pleaded guilty to the 1991 murder of Linda Lois Little in Volusia County.

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Townson, already serving a life sentence for a murder in Brevard County, provided a complete confession to cold case investigators in October about his role in the 30-year-old murder.

Volusia County Prosecutors stated Townson met Linda little in October 1991 at the 701 Club at the Texan Hotel. Townson said that he and little left together but got into an argument and he hit and choked her to death. Townson told investigators he drove north on Interstate 95 with Little’s body to rural Camden County, Georgia, and disposed of her behind a dumpster. The Camden County Sheriff conducted checks of unidentified bodies in the county, but they turned up no match for Little, and her body was never recovered.

In court, Townson was immediately sentenced to life in prison for Little’s murder with the possibility of parole after 25 years. Still, he is already serving another life sentence for the 2007 murder of Sherri Carmanto, whom he beat to death with a steel pipe in her Titusville home.

Carmanto, a 29-year-old mother of three, was an old childhood friend of Townson. Carmanto invited him for lunch at her home, and Townson hit her 12 times on the head with a steel pipe while the two were eating.

“This defendant is a confessed serial killer. It is gratifying to solve a cold case such as this,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said in a statement.

The cold case started to warm up in 2019 when WREG, a CBS affiliate in Tennessee, interviewed Townson as he claimed to have killed nine people, two of them in Tennessee. Townson has also stated that he has found God and wanted to confess his crimes.

Investigators said that despite Linda Little’s body never being found, Townson’s confession and his account of what happened matched with known facts about Little’s disappearance and death.

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