Thieves Crash Stolen SUV Into Florida GameStop and Make Off with Gaming Consoles

The Orlando Police Department is looking for a pack of thieves who robbed an Orlando, Florida, GameStop early Sunday morning.

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At approximately 3 a.m. Orlando Police Officers with the North Patrol division were dispatched to a commercial alarm at the GameStop located at 2907 East Colonial Drive / Highway 50; upon arrival, they discovered that the thieves used a stolen Hyundai Tucson SUV, drove it to the store, backed the vehicle up in the parking spot in front of the shop, and smashed through the storefront of the GameStop.

In a crime scene photograph released by the Orlando Police Department on their Twitter account, the silver Hyundai Tucson is parked entirely inside the store, surrounded by rubble from the front façade and the entire store littered with broken glass. Once the thieves entered the store, they stole approximately $1,260 worth of Xbox gaming consoles and accessories.

As usual, with this type of crime, the thieves created a costly mess for the business owner. In their quest to steal gaming consoles and accessories, the thieves caused about $60,000 in damage to the building. The GameStop store is now boarded up, and it’s unknown how long it will take to repair the damage and reopen the store.

Orlando Police Department Detectives are asking anyone with information about the burglary or the suspects to contact them at 321-235-5300.

According to Orlando police, a tow truck contracted by the city removed the SUV and transported it to a secure impound lot to be checked for any evidence left behind and then notify the owner of its location for pickup.

GameStop is an international video game retailer with locations across the U.S. There are 11 locations in Orlando. The other locations have all been notified of the burglary and told to be on the lookout, as this may be a new pattern used by this group of thieves.

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