Fla. ‘Caregiver’ Busted for Using 87-Year-Old Woman ‘Like a Mop’ to Clean Dog Urine

Leonard Ervin Wayne Tucker, 56, of Pensacola, took a well-deserved ride to the Escambia County Jail after the “caregiver” allegedly dragged an 87-year-old woman around on the floor, “using her as a mop to clean up dog urine,” according to investigators.

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On December 12, 2022, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Detectives received an email from a Department of Children’s & Families protective investigator. The email contained a report that alleged that a live-in caregiver named Leonard Tucker was physically abusing his 87-year-old victim.

There was evidence that tucker dragged the victim around and used her as a mop to clean up dog urine. There was video evidence of the injuries the victim sustained ten days after the abuse.

According to the arrest affidavit, on November 20th of, 2022, the video shows that Tucker returned from shopping and unloaded grocery bags on the kitchen counter. He pulled the victim into the view of the camera by her hand. He continued to pull her into the kitchen and appeared to be yelling at her. Tucker then slapped the victim with an open hand on the left side of her face. He continued to yell at the victim and then used both hands to physically grab her right arm before pulling her down on the living room floor on her back. The video shows Tucker spinning the victim’s body on the floor and holding her by her ankles while pushing her back and forth over a spot on the floor.

Leonard Ervin Wayne Tucker

The victim later called her daughter, who called the woman’s son, who immediately had his mom removed from the home. The victim’s son reviewed the security footage and confirmed that Tucker physically abused his mother. The son had the home’s locks, and security codes changed and told Tucker to get out.

On January 5th, 2023, Escambia County Investigators interviewed Tucker, who said he was “only trying to keep her from slipping in water on the floor as he knew she had a shunt in her head.” He also told them he was being framed for hurting the victim.

Tucker was transported to the Escambia County Jail and charged with elder abuse. His bond was set at $50,000.

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