FAU Could Lose Funding For Dental College

A school of dentistry is a big win for Florida Atlantic University (FAU). They are poised to be the second state university in Florida to have one, but if they don’t make nice and start treating their valued trustee Vice Chair Barbara Feingold respectfully, Feingold could take her momentous mountain of moola she’s pledged and leave the school smarting like a rotten tooth.

FAU Trustee Barbara Feingold with her late husband, Dr. Jeffrey Feingold.

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Florida needs dentists so desperately that if you agree to work as one in underserved communities in places like Belle Glade and Pahokee, the state will pay off your school debt. The state gave teeth to this law in 2019. So why is state university FAU fighting so hard not to accept manna from heaven and be grateful for Feingold, who managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible, getting the state to agree to match a thirty million dollar gift that she decided to generously donate to the school to build the Dr. Jeffrey P. Feingold College of Dentistry? 

The Palm Beach Post reported inStop at nothing’: The hard-driving trustee at the center of FAU’s big wins and woes to accomplish this would typically take thirty-six months. She did it in six. Yet, instead of applauding this woman for this remarkable feat, various FAU trustees, donors, faculty, and legacy media are treating Feingold as though she’s some villain in the woke Disney tale this school is quickly turning into. Questions being discussed at dinner tables in South Florida regarding the school: What’s going on here? Does FAU hate Republicans, Jews, the wealthy, or women? 

One thing is for sure: the school doesn’t seem to appreciate the alliance they feel that Feingold has with Governor DeSantis and his recommendation for FAU president State Representative Randy Fine, R-Brevard, whom an FAU clique of progressive liberal insiders seems to have a massive problem with.

The Palm Beach Post reported that;

In less than a year, Feingold pushed through plans for FAU to create a dentistry college, a remarkable coordination of multiple bureaucracies that included repeated waivers of their standard procedures. If and when it opens, it will be just the second public dental school in Florida.

But in recent months, Feingold has become better known for her role in what has become the defining issue at the school of late: the controversial stalled search for a new president.

Feingold and her late husband Jeffrey dreamed of building a dental school for FAU, but oddly enough, the school fought him on this. The Feingolds amassed great wealth when they built MCNA Dental, a dental benefits administrator that serves Medicaid patients. The Feingolds became known as generous philanthropists who have given to many organizations, including FAU. During this time, they shrewdly cultivated relationships with various politicos and influential people. Barbara is trying to make her late husband’s dream come true. Florida would get a much-needed dental school with an average cost per student of thirty-seven thousand as opposed to a nearby private university, Nova, that costs one hundred thousand for a similar program. 

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Instead of thanking and honoring Feingold, the board of trustees quickly rushed a vote through during one of their meetings to ensure that if current chair Brad Levine has to resign or is removed from the board, the board can vote another chair in instead of the vice chair, Feingold, who would have automatically moved up to chair. Why the slap in the face? It seems to have to do with resentment over the search gone wrong for a new university president when Chair Brad Levine headed up a search committee that ended up asking at least one candidate, and DeSantis recommended pick for the position, Rep Fine, about his sexual orientation and if he was a biological or transgendered male. This outrageous line of questioning led to a letter from University Chancellor Ray Rodrigues stating that the presidential search would be suspended and that an IG investigation would take place to research perceived anomalies during the search. 

FAU, unable to get out of its way, doubled down on their “we did nothing wrong” and even went as far as to hire an attorney who is highly tied into the Democratic Party to defend one of their positions. There’s been one disastrous move after another. The IG investigation is about to conclude. We’ll all have the answers about what’s gone on come November. Based on the odd rushed-through decision about voting in a new chair, it’s reasonable to conclude that current Chair Brad Levine won’t be in much longer, and if that comes to pass, let’s hope FAU saves themselves from further embarrassment and does what’s suitable for the school and the state of Florida. What happens with the university president’s position remains to be seen. Still, we should all hope the dental school comes to pass, and Barbara Feingold is given the thank you and appreciation she deserves. 

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