FAU Hired Dem Party Pal & Gillum Attorney to Review Prez Search

FAU Chair Brad Levine hired a partisan attorney to review their search process for a new university president that excluded Governor DeSantis’s nominee, Florida Rep. Randy Fine R-Palm Bay.

During a contentious FAU Board of Trustees meeting this week, Levine referred to a letter from an attorney who rendered an opinion stating that everything had been done correctly during the search process for a new university president.

The letter, which no other trustees knew about before this meeting, was written by attorney Barry Richard, the husband of former Florida Democrat Party Chair Allison Tant, now a Democrat State Representative, but that’s not the bombshell. Richard is also the attorney who worked on Democrat Andrew Gillum’s recount against then-opponent Ron DeSantis in 2018. Additionally, Richard is the attorney who worked to stop a subpoena issued by the state by State Representative Randy Fine, who demanded that records be turned over that would show the “science” supporting the need for “gender re-affirming care.” Fine happens to be Governor DeSantis’s recommendation for president of FAU that the school rejected.

Letter from Barry Richard Law Firm

University Chancellor Ray Rodrigues suspended the search for a new president for FAU after questions arose about how the search was conducted. The rejection of Fine came as a massive shock to many, and three candidates were chosen that some trustees and “highly pedigreed” donors, as one referred to himself, were put forth as the potential new president. Evidence then showed that at least one candidate during the search, who turned out to be State Rep Randy Fine, had been asked if he was a biological male or a transgendered male. An investigation is now taking place.

Video: Florida Atlantic University Trustee Chair Brad Levine’s Opening Remarks at Nasty Board Meet Battle

State Rep. Fine was the bill sponsor for a new law that prevents performing sex reassignments and prescribing puberty blockers to minors in Florida. He has been a staunch supporter and protector of children and a vocal proponent of parental rights. Asking a candidate for any job position questions about sexual orientation and gender identity would be inappropriate and strange. Still, the fact that a lawmaker was asked these questions, who happens to be the one who worked on these particular bills, seems to be an unlikely coincidence. 


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Randy Fine
State Rep. Randy Fine graduated from Harvard College, AB, magna cum laude, 1992-1996; Harvard Business School, MBA, with high distinction, 1996-1998is and is Governor DeSantis’s recommendation for the new President of FAU.

Florida Jolt Triggers Lefty Blogger Schorsch With Coverage of FAU Board Disaster

FAU doesn’t decide who becomes the university president; the Board of Governors does. So the question becomes, why does FAU need an attorney? Who decided to hire this attorney? Is taxpayer money being spent on this? Most importantly, why is this particular woke attorney who has had dealings with State Rep Randy Fine and is deeply entrenched in the political world the one who was picked to do this? In the 1970s, attorney Barry Richard was a State Representative; now, he’s married to a former Dem party chair who is now a state rep herself, and he currently works tooth and nail to fight against Governor DeSantis and Republican legislation. Unsurprisingly, the super dem, anti-DeSantis, anti-Fine lawyer says the woke university president search process was done correctly. 

Florida Board of Governor’s Inspector General to Investigate FAU’s Presidential Search

Letter from Chancellor Rodrigues, State University System of Florida, to Trustee Chair Brad Levine

Between the rejection of the governor’s pick, a successful, self-made businessman, who graduated from Harvard Business School and is now a leader in the Florida House of Representatives, the infighting that’s currently going on between FAU trustees instigated by left-leaning board members, the seemingly planted people who made public comments during this week’s board of trustees who were all against the governor and supported the search process, and now this opinion letter from a politically tied in progressive, liberal, super Dem; this school needs to be exposed for what it is, a school of woke academics who would rather push a liberal agenda and destroy the university than allow a conservative to run it. 

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