Jews in America Are Buying Guns & Preparing to Use Them

Jews in Florida have found a new way to spend their free time. They’re saying screw pickleball; I’m buying a gun and going with my friends to the shooting range. Jews in America, especially in states like Florida, are buying guns, taking lessons to learn how to use them, and preparing to stand their ground. The October 7th attack on Israel was the catalyst. People see that antisemitism is rising in America; they want to keep living everyday lives, so they need to protect themselves. 

Jews in the US are buying guns and taking lessons.

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The war in Israel has brought to light the rise in antisemitism in America. We’ve been watching it in Florida for the last couple of years, hence the solid Jewish legislation that the Florida legislature passed last session with complete support from every member in the House and Senate. It’s good that these laws have gone into effect, making crimes that were previously misdemeanors felonies, as Jewish hatred is rampant in our universities. Now, there’s an awareness that Hamas has made its way into every aspect of our society, including government. That awareness has shocked many Jews in America to their core, but Jews haven’t survived for thousands of years by just taking it. They’re ready to fight back. 

Within the last week, I’ve had dinner with two Jewish couples who mentioned purchasing firearms and signing up for multiple lessons. The husbands are both comfortable using guns. Their wives are not, but they want to be. They feel that it’s too dangerous to walk around without protection and want to ensure they’re prepared if needed. 

The New York Post reported that more US Jews are taking up arms. 

A growing number of American Jews are taking courses on firearm safety and going to shooting ranges around the country as they fear for their safety following Hamas’ attack on Israel.

More Jewish customers have been buying guns amid the rise of antisemitism following the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7, according to David Kowalsky, who owns the Florida Gun Store in Hollywood, Fla. We’ve seen a tremendous increase in religious Jewish and Orthodox people purchasing firearms. Kowalsky told NBC News I’ve seen a surge in individual and group training. 

Many women are afraid of guns and have favored gun control in the past. 

Jewish women are buying guns and taking shooting lessons in Florida and throughout the country. They want to be able to defend themselves.

The New York Post noted;

Among those seeking out guns is a Floridian woman who attended a gun safety seminar at her Florida synagogue last week and attended a one-on-one session at a local shooting range. She said she has always feared guns but felt “forced to do it because Jewish people are not safe anywhere now.”

This woman’s statement echoes the sentiments of many right now throughout the country. The rise in American Jews buying guns and seeking out gun safety courses is not just in Florida. Similar stories are being reported in Los Angeles, Chicago, and various places in Texas, have reported that the demand for gun classes has risen as much as three hundred percent because of Jews who want to take lessons.

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Lest anyone think this is some paranoia, the NY Post also reported that.

There were 347 messages on Telegram from extremists calling for violence against Jews, Israelis, and Zionists in the first 18 hours after Hamas’ surprise attack — up approximately 488% from the day before.

Taylor Swift has a higher number of followers on Instagram than all of the Jews that exist in the entire world, yet dark forces want to destroy them. These forces have never been able to accomplish their goal and never will. Jews will take aim, survive, and win. 

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