Doing the Right Thing Isn’t Just a Sappy Hallmark Sentiment

I’m not one for sappy Hallmark sayings, but in this case, there’s a profound truth in this meme that deserves to be more closely examined.

Whether it’s work, your personal life, or politics, especially politics, don’t expect too much gratitude from the people you help. Sometimes you’ll get some gratitude, and sometimes your good deed will lead to a lifelong friendship but don’t count on it.

It’s like opening a door for a woman. Some ratty-looking feminist harridans don’t like it, but most women do like it, whatever their politics. In a larger sense, though, it’s not about them; it’s about doing what I think is right.

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Being honorable or generous can be difficult, but we must act a certain way because it’s inside us, not because we expect anything from it.

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