Bryson Gray’s Song ‘Reclaim The Rainbow’ Huge Viral Sensation

A new rap song declaring Americans need to ‘Reclaim The Rainbow’ from the LGBTQ community is going viral, with many appreciating the song for its straightforward message to the average American.

The song, now shooting to the top of the iTunes charts, was written and released for the demonstrations against the Los Angeles Dodgers Pride Night celebration of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The LGBTQ group has a history of being extremely offensive to Christian groups, especially Catholics. Bill Donohue, the current president of the Catholic League, describes the trans group as ‘bigoted’ since the group performs ‘sodomy while dressed as [N]uns.’

This statement from the Catholic League president came as the Dodgers considered banning the group from performing due to their offensive past. Once officially banned, the Dodgers caved into the LGBTQ pressure by reinstating the group after ‘thoughtful feedback from our diverse communities.’

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Approximately three weeks after this went down, Gray released a rap song titled ‘Reclaim The Rainbow,’ which featured Jimmy Levy and Shemeka Michelle. The song starts by showing news articles and videos about the Dodgers fiasco and additional articles such as the infamous ‘Yes, kink belongs at Pride. And I want my kids to see it’ piece from The Washington Post, as well as other articles. Levy, who has appeared in other right-leaning rap songs such as ‘Boycott Target,’ then goes into the chorus’ Reclaim The Rainbow’ while it shows Gray wearing a MAGA hat. The entire music video is shown below.

Throughout the music video, you see videos of children being indoctrinated by the LGBTQ community and the abundant presence of the community’s rainbow being propped in many different corners of society.

Gray then goes into the rap section of the song, to which he goes into detail about the real meaning of the rainbow. He also includes bible verses in his lyrics and the music video. He calls out the mainstream media, telling the listener they are saying ‘lies.’

After Levy sings the chorus once more, Shemeka Michelle goes into her rap portion of the song, immediately calling out men who pretend to be women, with one being trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. She also mentions ‘take the rainbow back’ all while sporting a camo MAGA hat. She also calls out the LGBTQ movement as an ‘abomination’ and declares that the saying ‘Love is Love’ is considered ‘nasty.’

The song’s ending consists of the chorus once more, along with images of the President with trans people and the infamous white house flashing incident involving transgender activist Rose Montoya being featured.

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After the song’s release, it quickly became a viral sensation, hitting the #2 slot in all genres merely six days after it was released.

One of the song’s featured guests, Jimmy Levy, tweeted a statement saying that the song is now number one on the Amazon rap, with his tweet containing a screenshot proving his words to be authentic.

You can buy the song on iTunes and purchase a copy there.

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