Public Schools Are Secretly Transitioning Children – Megyn Kelly Weighs In

Public school administrators and teachers secretly transition children without their parent’s knowledge. Parents are now considered to be of significant harm to their children, and they can’t be trusted. These bureaucrats are being put through “queer theory” courses which makes them more equipped than parents, in their minds, to handle sensitive issues with children. Not everyone agrees with this, including TV news phenom Megyn Kelly. 

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The City Journal has a piece on New York State’s best practices for schools, and Megyn Kelly is not a fan:

New York State’s Directive to Schools: Lie to Parents

Secret gender transition is now the default policy for the state’s public schools.

Private schools have been transitioning children secretly for years. It’s become so prevalent that now public schools are doing it. Children are switching genders or becoming genderless. It’s so common, particularly in progressive liberal cities like New York, that the “Sex in the City” reboot show, “And Just Like That,” has a storyline about it. “Sex in the City” was a show that was relevant in its day because it gave an honest glimpse into the lives of single women, in their thirties, in New York, during a period when it was considered to be more appropriate to be married at that age and starting a family. 

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The show was quite progressive in its time, in a forward-thinking way, not in the liberal Democrat way it means now. The new reboot show, “And Just Like That,” takes place today, with the women in their fifties, in a New York world that makes the pearl-clutching moments of the old show seem downright quaint. 

The reboot has some new characters. In the spirit of diversity and gender inclusivity, the new friends who have joined the cast are Indian, Black, and there’s even a Mexican/Irish non-binary character named Che Diaz. There are all sorts of “sex-positive,” “they,” and “them” thrown around to make all of this seem normal and “of the moment.” Cis-gender, white, straight-laced attorney character Miranda has a sexual awakening, dumps her long-time husband, and is now in a relationship with Che. But they couldn’t leave this just to the adults. 

They took the most conservative character, Charlotte, and ran a storyline about her daughter Rose. Rose is in a private school and now goes by Rock and uses they/them pronouns. Everyone in the school knew about this change except for the ones who needed to know, the actual parents. They call the parents into the school and inform them about what’s happening with “Rock.” They make it extremely clear that this is how it is now, and the parents, powerless in their needs and wishes, are commanded to go with it. To the show’s credit, they did show the parents as a bit confused and upset over what was happening and their complete lack of control over the situation, but of course, they dealt with the whole thing using some progressive liberal writer’s wet dream storyline. The parents embrace the entire thing, and the kid, now called Rock, has a “they mitzvah.

Max Eden writes:

Parents who send their kids to New York public schools have lots to worry about. Is he really learning? Is she really safe? And: Is the school gender-transitioning my child behind my back?

Earlier this week, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) published a “legal update and best practice” document for how schools should serve “transgender and gender expansive” students. The key takeaway: if your child decides that he or she wants to socially transition to the opposite gender, it is now a “best practice” for the school to lie to you about it.

“Only the student,” the NYSED declares, “knows whether it is safe to share their identity with a caregiver.” The baseline assumption, then, is that “unaffirming” parents are dangerous to their children. If Kevin wants to go by “Kimi” but doesn’t want his parents to know, the best practice, according to NYSED, is as follows: “The teachers call her Kimi and use she/her pronouns at school. When calling home for any reason, teachers use the name Kevin and he/him pronouns.”

As Megyn Kelly has done, parents must regain power and speak out. They need to make the decisions for their children or run the risk of the government making all decisions just like that.  

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