Bill Reicherter Wins The Hispanic Vote Endorsement Over Tina Polsky for FL Senate

In the race for Florida Senate District 30, The Hispanic Vote of Broward and Palm Beach Counties has endorsed Republican Bill Reicherter as the best candidate to address issues affecting the Hispanic community. Reicherter, a local Broward business owner and new political candidate, won the hearts of The Hispanic Vote over his Democrat opponent, Tina Polsky. She previously held the endorsement and a seat in Florida Senate District 29.

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It’s not often that a longstanding politician (Polsky), who previously held an endorsement, loses that endorsement to a first-time candidate (Reicherter). According to Chairman Jorge Garrido, The Hispanic Vote looks for a candidate with a “strong conviction who can deliver what the community needs” and work with both Broward and Palm Beach County communities. Garrido explained the decision to endorse Reicherter, saying, “Bill Reicherter would be more supportive of the Hispanic Community than Tina Polsky has been in the past.” The Hispanic Vote is a non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) that chose Republican Bill Reicherter over Democrat Tina Polsky for this race.

According to Garrido, one of the most critical advocacy topics for the Hispanic community is education. And Reicherter has made it his mission to focus on several aspects of education. For one, Reicherter would work to increase the availability and accessibility of resources for people to enter trade school programs to support the workforce for our local businesses. As Chair of The Hispanic Vote, Garrido explains, “For us, it’s important to have that opportunity.”

Reicherter said he prides himself on being a “problem-solver and solutions provider.” He has a proven track record for supporting opportunities for Hispanics and all workers. He understands the importance of supporting workers to keep our economy prosperous. As a business owner, he has helped his Hispanic employees who had Green Cards become U.S. citizens and helped their family members do the same. Bill Reicherter had even used his resources to pay for their legal fees to become U.S. citizens when he recognized his employees needed better representation and couldn’t afford it on their own.

“There’s no economic messages coming from the Democrats. None. So they’re not only losing White blue-collar workers, they’re losing Brown blue-collar workers,” a Latino Republican Strategist named Mike Madrid told The Washington Post in an article earlier this month.

Education is not only something found in a classroom but in the field. As a business owner for over thirty years, from a car mechanic business to a sign business, Reicherter has been able to use his experience to help others by serving as a mentor to small business owners through a non-profit organization called SCORE in Broward County. In this role, Reicherter has served as an educator and mentor by teaching classes to potential business owners on how to start a business. He has also helped mentor struggling business owners by providing support in reviewing financial documents and business models to help optimize outcomes.

Another educational priority of Bill’s is to ensure the proper allocation of resources to provide quality educational outcomes for all students. According to Garrido, voucher expansion is vital to communities on the bottom of the economic scale so that families can have a choice to remove their children from schools not best serving them and have the money follow the student and be used in a way to best support the student’s learning needs.

More top priorities for Reicherter regarding education include a focus on school safety measures. He believes there is more that can be implemented to ensure adequate school safety, including a greater emphasis on mental health resources which he believes is essential not only for students but also for members of the community as well. As Chair of the Board of his daughter’s non-profit organization, Inspiring My Generation, Bill understands the need for resources and funding to support preventative, crisis, and follow-up care for mental well-being.

Other everyday issues affecting those in the community, such as taxes, healthcare costs, and affordable housing, are critical focuses that Bill Reicherter will work on should he be elected to the Florida Senate this November. As a candidate funded by community members and not any special interests or big corporations, Reicherter says he will listen to the community’s needs, put them first, and bring forth any matters important to them.

When asked what it means to him to obtain the endorsement of The Hispanic Vote, Bill Reicherter replied, “Earning The Hispanic Vote was one of the most important endorsements to me because this endorsement is based on my real work in the Hispanic community and how I created opportunities for Hispanics through employment, education and helping families become legal citizens. I firmly believe in making my actions count in real life, not just on paper.” He also stated, “Hispanics are such an essential part of our workforce and community, and they deserve equal opportunity and proper representation; the kind that helps them move forward, and not the kind that uses them as a platform and drains their bank accounts with lies and false promises. 

According to Reicherter, “Action is the only plan forward.”

Florida Senate District 30 includes areas in south Boca Raton in Palm Beach County and Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate, and parts of Pompano and Deerfield in Broward County. The Florida Department of State data shows that Hispanics comprise 25% of registered Republican voters in Broward county and about 10% of registered Republican voters in Palm Beach County. The data also shows that Hispanics comprise 19% of registered Democrat voters in Broward county and about 13% of registered Democrat voters in Palm Beach County.

Full Disclosure: I have contributed to Bill Reicherter’s campaign.

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