Democrat Andy Thomson’s Radical Friends and His Constant Lies

Democrat Andy Thomson’s major support comes from left-wing radicals, and his constant denial of who he is and what he’ll do if elected is getting tiresome.

Thomson is running against Republican Peggy Gossett-Seidman for Fl HD 91, but he’s pretending to be someone he’s not because he fears the red wave. The Republican Party of Florida sent this text out the other night, and it is all true.

In Democrat Andy Thomson Lying About Cutting Taxes in Boca Raton, I proved that Thomson lied about raising taxes. Still, I missed another recent tax raise he voted for, making it five times Thomson has raised taxes in Boca Raton.

Thomson tells you he’s a moderate, but he brags about being supported by the poisonous Florida Education Association. The FEA opposes parental rights, supports teaching seven-year-olds about transgenders, and staging obscene Drag Queen shows for grade schoolers.

The FEA supports CRT, which they swear doesn’t exist (they call it equity) and think they have the right to indoctrinate your children and make them hate America. Please, check the Instagram and Twitter account for the FEA if you doubt me.

Andy Thomson FEA Endorsement

The FEA supports Charlie Crist for Governor and his radical leftist running mate and teacher union official Karla Hernandez-Mats, who did nothing about a fellow union member and sexual predator when she was a union official in Dade County.

Did Hernandez-Mats Protect a Sexual Predator Over Middle School Students?

Crist and Matz are going to lose, but Thomson’s extremist anti-parent friends will win if Thomson wins. Thomson will vote against parents if he gets to Tallahassee. Count on it.

Thomson has sent multiple anti-gun mailers to my home. The other day he sent out an email saying how proud he was to get an endorsement by Moms Demand Action and BAWN, which stands for Ban Assault Weapons Now, two radical anti-second amendment groups.

Andy Thomson campaign email 20/27/22

A left-wing, Republican-hating, Kamala-loving group of people who oppose just about everything good in America. Go stroll all the social media sites of theirs you can find, it’s all left-wingers celebrating left-wingers. Yeah, let’s make Boca Raton more like Baltimore, and maybe HBO will do a show like The Wire for us. Think of all the emoting and virtue signaling St. Thomson could do then.

Using the honorific “Saint” for Thomson is optional now, but since he loves authoritarian mandates, expect its use to be mandated if he wins.

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BAWN (Ban Assault Weapons Now) is even worse because its very name is a lie. Assault weapons (machine guns) are banned in America.

BAWN wants to ban rifles. For those who don’t realize how badly you’re being lied to, here’s a great slide show you can watch that explains it all. Assault Weapon Info

These are Thomsom’s friends, and he’ll have to listen to them. If by some miracle, Thomsom wins, he’ll be a freshman Democrat member of the house with an office in a closet or the basement. Florida is a red state now, and Republicans in Tallahassee don’t want or need the kind of “help” Thomson wants to give.

There’s a weird dynamic going on in this campaign. I got this mailer attacking Thomson from the Seidman campaign. It’s a good solid hit piece, and it made a lot of the same points I have.

Siedman Campign mailer

Thomson will oppose DeSantis, he has supported lockdowns, he has raised taxes, and he does not support parental rights in education. Thomson is on the Charlie Crist side of the aisle, and Crist would let Biden sniff him every day and twice on Sundays for a few more votes, so it’s not unfair at all to call Thomson a “Biden Democrat.”

I liked the mailer, but I see a lot of good mailers, so I moved on. Then on Facebook, I noticed a friend of Thomson’s had posted the mailer with this screed about what, and I’m paraphrasing here, this horrible woman was doing to poor Thomson.

Oh, the humanity, someone dared not adore St. Thomson. The weird thing was it was mostly men that I saw, that’s why I didn’t look for long and didn’t screencap it. It was grossing me out.

I got more involved in this race because Thomson’s nasty untrue mailers bombarding my home made me mad. Not because Seidman was a woman but because I knew he was lying. That’s when I wrote Joe Budd and Andy Thomson: Honor and Dishonor

Since I saw that and a few other “poor Andy” lamentations on Instagram and such, a word I almost never use has been going through my head. Why is a bunch of men complaining about a woman striking back politically at a man who’s viciously attacked her? Is that not allowed in the world of Beta men pretending to be Alphas? If Thomson was a Republican instead of a Democrat, you can bet a dozen Emily’s List-type organizations would be screaming the “misogyny” word about the savage attacks on Seidman by Thomson  To be clear, I’m not saying that, but please, stop with the “poor Andy” routine. It’s gross, and it’s not helping Thomson any.

Andy Thomson is a big-time corporate attorney, and I wish his supporters would stop trying to act like he is a helpless waif being victimized by big bad Peggy Gossett-Seidman.

I don’t object to negative mail at all, I love negative mail, and secretly, so does everyone else. From the beginning, I’ve objected to Thomson and his supporters walking around saying that he is “almost a Republican” and he can work with anyone.


Both parties are targeting this race, and a lot of money is being spent on both sides, and if it’s important to the Republican Party of Florida, that means it’s important to Gov. DeSantis, and if it’s important to him, it’s important to me.

Thomson and his radical supporters stand against what most of the people of Florida House District 91 believe.

Republicans, step up and dance with who brung ya.

I know a fair amount of Democrats and Independents read FloridaJolt, and I know a lot of you are crossing over and voting for Gov. DeSantis because whether you like his style or not, he’s kept our state safe and prosperous when it seems like the rest of the country is falling apart, and you want to keep it that way.

Give Gov. DeSantis the help he needs, please vote for Peggy-Gossett Seidman.

Full disclosure: I’ve endorsed and donated money to the Seidman campaign. I’ve also known Thomson for years, and he’s been at my home for at least one-holiday dinner that I can remember.

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