Democrat Andy Thomson Lying About Cutting Taxes in Boca Raton

There are a lot of slippery politicians in the world, and I’ve dealt with plenty of them, but Democrat Andy Thomson is beyond slippery, he’s a complete phony, and he’s lying to the people of Fl. House District 91.

The other day Thomson sent out an email that said, “He cut taxes FOUR TIMES and has never raised them,” and that’s not true.

Thomson raised taxes four times.

As usual, Thomson used someone else to tell this lie, an older woman whose name I’m not going to reveal, who I’m sure didn’t write the email herself or realize she wasn’t telling the truth. Writing these emails is always the political consultant’s job.

Remember, this is an official campaign communication that Thomson approved.

The relevant section of Thomson’s email:

This is Thomson’s real record on taxes:

Joe Budd and Andy Thomson: Honor and Dishonor

First, you have the year of Thomson’s budget votes and the existing millage rate at the time of his votes. Then comes the RB Rate or “Roll Back Rate.” In a world of rising real estate valuations and the increased property taxes that go along with that rise, the rollback rate is what the city council and Thomson would have had to vote for to keep taxes the same.

Often, local officials who have the power to levy property taxes will cut the milage rate a tiny bit, so they still get more of your tax money due to rising property values, but they get to say they cut taxes. The Palm Beach County Commission is masterful at this tax propaganda sham.

But even that’s not what happened, The Boca Raton City Council and Thomson voted to increase the milage rate and raise taxes by the percentages shown in the final column.

Interestingly enough, Thomson didn’t say a word about cutting taxes in Boca Raton to the Palm Beach Post. The profile is behind a pay wall, but here’s the link- House District 91: Gossett-Seidman and Thomson vie for seat vacated by Emily Slosberg Thomson supports gun control, disagrees with Gov. DeSantis on parental rights and immigration, but says nothing about cutting taxes in Boca Raton.

So how does Thomson say he cut taxes, you ask? I have no idea, I knew he was in love with himself, but I didn’t think he was stupid.

This is a stupid lie that’s easily checked. I can only think that he’s so arrogant and has surrounded himself with so many sycophants that he thinks he can get away with anything.

Here’s another example of Thomson’s arrogance.

I was annoyed when I got this mailer, but I also laughed at how tone-deaf and arrogant it was.

Andy isn’t even from Boca Raton. This man should change his name to P.T. Barnum and open a circus.

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From Thomson’s website: “Council Member Thomson grew up in Coral Springs and moved to Boca Raton in 2016.”

Thomson in The Palm Beach Post: “I have served the entire City of Boca Raton on our city council since 2018 and, before that, previously lived in West Boca.

There is no such thing as West Boca. West of the City of Boca Raton is unincorporated Palm Beach County.

Most of the people I know in Florida aren’t originally from Florida or from Boca Raton, where I live, but no one should walk around saying they’re “Boca Raton.”

It doesn’t matter how long Thomson has lived here, that’s not what’s important, the people voted him on the city council, and that’s fine. What is important is that this is another example that proves you can’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

Andy, you’re not Boca Raton, and you have some nerve saying that you are. There are people who were born here. I’ve lived here for over thirty years, who the heck do you think you are?

Republican Peggy Gossett-Seidman isn’t as slick as Thompson, as young or as handsome as Thomson, but she’s honest, smart, and hard-working, and you can trust her.

There was a time I trusted Thomson, but that trust was misplaced, and I don’t trust him anymore.

Whether you’re a Republican, Independent, or even a Democrat like Thomson, the only way to cast an ethical vote in this race, is to vote for Seidman.

P.S. to Andy, fire all your consultants.

Full disclosure: I’ve endorsed and donated money to the Seidman campaign. I’ve also known Thomson for years, and he’s been at my home for at least one holiday dinner that I can remember.

Find out more about Peggy Gossett-Seidman

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