DeSantis Takes Stage at a Luke Bryan Concert…Cheers Erupt, Twitter Melts Down [VIDEO]

Governor Ron DeSantis again took the stage at a Florida concert this weekend after making a viral appearance at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert earlier this month.

The appearance wasn’t purely for fun, though, as Luke Bryan announced that he was donating all of the funds raised from the concert to the Florida Disaster Fund.

“Because of the hurricane, they had to use the venue that I was performing in as a shelter. Well, we’ve been going back and forth, we didn’t know if it was too soon to play or not, but the area of Estero said, ‘get your ass to Estero.’ So, we’re doing a concert,” Bryan shared from the stage. “So, what we’re going to do is give a large portion of the proceeds in Estero, Florida… to everybody that’s bought tickets, kept the ticket, and spending the money… I’m donating that money to the great state of Florida.”

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DeSantis then spoke to the crowd after taking the stage. “The state of Florida had to deal with the major hurricane last month, and it’s not easy to deal with, it’s hurt a lot of people. Though I can tell you this, show me any other state that can rebuild bridges in three days. I don’t think you can find that.” He said.

After DeSantis posted on Twitter, thanking Luke Bryan for letting him ‘crash the party’, liberals expressed outrage against him and Bryan.

One Twitter user said that Bryan probably has fans who are LGBT or immigrants, claiming that allowing DeSantis on stage shows he has ‘0 respect’ for any of them.

The left-wing Palmer Report said that if Luke Bryan “doesn’t want to be seen as political”, he shouldn’t bring a “psychotically deranged human trafficking child torturing right-wing extremist” on stage.

Another user claimed that Luke Bryan’s donation to Florida’s Disaster Relief Fund, which will help citizens of the state recover from a hurricane, was supporting ‘racism, corruption, and nazi principles’.

Others said that they would ‘cancel’ Bryan and stop listening to his music.

While Luke Bryan’s decision to let DeSantis take the stage was clearly not popular on Twitter, it likely won’t affect his fan base in Florida as the crowd erupted when the Governor took the stage, and he appears ready to comfortably cruise to re-election in the November midterms.

Despite the onslaught of negative media attention that DeSantis has received, he remains one of the country’s most popular governors.

According to a Morning Consult tracker, he is currently the seventh most popular Governor with a net approval rating of +36%.

A recent University of North Florida poll showed DeSantis ahead of Democratic challenger Charlie Crist by 14% just two weeks out from the midterm elections.

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