Woke MSNBC Leftists Say DeSantis Education Reforms Are ‘Fascist,’ Say Florida is Turning Into Hungary

The Democrats at MSNBC can’t accept that woke insanity has ended the party’s electoral chances in Florida. Ron DeSantis’ resounding 20-point victory in November solidified the state’s transition from purple swing state to red stronghold—but rather than reevaluate their strategy, the left is doubling down, pushing gender and race theory harder than ever, and slandering anyone in their way as a fascist.

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On Thursday’s episode of Alex Wagner Tonight, Columbia Journalism School Dean Jelani Cobb joined the fake news host to read their cue cards.

“There is the sort of discreet conversation about what happens to Florida. But I think that it is worth stepping back for a moment and looking at the tactics that are being employed here and not mincing words about what is going on,” Wagner said to Cobb, already laying on the drama. She complained to Cobb about House Bill 999, a proposal supported by DeSantis that would effectively end diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at Florida universities.

“Setting aside the sort of endgame of what happens in the university system,” Wagner added, “Michelle Goldberg had a piece in the Times that basically compared what Governor DeSantis was doing to what an autocrat like Viktor Orban in Hungary is doing.”

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan made similar comments on Friday when he called the Florida governor “authoritarian” and compared him to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Joy Reid has made similar comments on the network, saying the country was witnessing the “Orbanization” of DeSantis. MSNBC’s hosts have their marching orders, and the current narrative is that Florida is becoming Hungary.

“We had Kimberlé Crenshaw on the show and she basically said that we should stop calling it a cultural war, this is fascism,” Wagner continued. “This is what it looks like when you have the state trying to control and suppress its citizens. Do you think that is an overstatement? Where do you stand on that?” she asked Cobb.

“Yeah, I don’t— I don’t think that is an overstatement, and I think that if we were actually, you know, looking at what the long-term objectives are here, it would be astounding and terrifying for people,” the Columbia dean responded.

“But you know, in fact it is being framed as culture wars, people thinking oh this is, you know, basically like the equivalent– the political equivalent of a sports rivalry. You know, we’re not thinking of this in the long term in terms of what its implications are for free expression.”

Cobb continued, saying it was “weird” that the DeSantis administration was using the rhetoric of “free speech.”

“I think it is officially called gaslighting,” Wagner said

“Yeah, exactly,” replied Cobb.

Florida universities require mandatory diversity training and force faculty to sign mandatory diversity statements and select new students and new hires through identity-based preferences. DeSantis’ proposal would put an end to these practices.

But Wagner and Cobb called the new proposal “vague” and then wrapped up their segment by reciting the usual empty bookshelf hoax as an example.

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“Teachers are papering over their libraries in classrooms not because all the books have been censored, but because they’re terrified that they are going to run afoul of these cloudy, murky new pieces of legislation,” Cobb said.

Maybe it would be less murky if MSNBC offered honest reporting.

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