Video: Don Trump Jr. Calls Fetterman a ‘Vegetable’, Blames Democrat Leadership

Donald Trump Jr. ripped Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman as a ‘vegetable’ whos fitter to be bagging at a grocery store than to be in Congress.

Fetterman suffered a stroke during his campaign for the Pennsylvania Senate seat against Dr. Mehmet Oz and has been plagued with cognitive issues and concerns. Fetterman is currently receiving s treatment, reportedly for clinical depression, at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

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The former President’s son did not pull any punches in his recognition of this fact in a Friday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


“…someone has to. I’m the one that’s willing to say this stuff because someone has to because it’s insane. What’s actually going on, right?’ Trump goaded the crowd. ‘When I said, like, I don’t know, it’s sort of weird that Pennsylvania managed to elect a vegetable.”

Don Jr, and many observers who have spoken out against Fetterman running for or serving in the senate based on his evident cognitive issues, have been labeled “ableist” by his defenders. “They criticize me as being ableist,’ Trump riffed. “I didn’t know what that was. But there’s always an -ist. There’s always an -ist it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about.”

Trump pushed back on the idea that he was discriminating against Fetterman, saying he wanted him to have suitable employment, just not a senate seat.

“I’d love for John Fetterman to have like, good gainful employment. Maybe he could be like a bag guy at a like a grocery store or, but like, is it reasonable for me to expect you as a citizen of the United States of America to have basic cognitive function?”

Someone in the crowd mentioned Biden, who has been surrounded by swirling rumors about his mental competence. Trump took the interjection in stride. “You make a solid point, sir,” he said. “Why shouldn’t a United States Senator be held to a different standard than the President of the United States himself? So we have to fix all of that.”


Don Jr also ripped the Democratic party for putting Fetterman in this position, claiming they ignored his health issues, to his detriment, to get the political win.

“He’s clearly unfit for office. This guy had these issues, and they ran him anyway because they want a radical extremist that wants to release murderers.”

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Don Jr finished the speech by stumping for his father, former President Trump, elevating him above his competitors as “not owned by other people.”

“We need a president that is not owned by other people, right? There’s a reason the billionaire class — even the billionaire conservative news class — wants someone other than Trump….’I want the guy that doesn’t need to take that call, that isn’t entirely beholden to them. My father certainly didn’t…You know, there’s a lot of the billionaire class even on the Republican side; it’s like, yeah, we’re really hard on China, but like, don’t be that hard.”

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