University of South Florida Excludes White Student From Therapy Session-‘BIPOC Only’

A University of South Florida (USF) student was denied counseling services and chastised by USF administrative officials after he requested to attend a ‘BIPOC only’ group-therapy session.

The student, undergraduate Andrew Davis, realized that none of the group-therapy sessions that allowed all students to attend fit into his schedule.  He contacted the USF counseling center to see if he could attend a group-therapy session that was supposed to exclusively be for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students.

Davis was initially denied entry to the group-therapy session after a tense exchange with university administrators, leading to a prolonged conflict between the student and university administrators.

In the email sent to the counseling center, Davis said, “I am interested in attending a USO group meeting after completing the pre-group appointment, but the only day/time that works for me is Wednesdays during the BIPOC students-only group. I am not a BIPOC student but was wondering if I would still be able to attend?”

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A member of the counseling staff responded, saying that they only allow ‘BIPOC folks’ to attend the group-therapy sessions.

“Unfortunately, we do need to keep this space specific to BIPOC folks … Hopefully you’ll be able to catch another one either during Winter break and/or next semester,” the USF Counseling Center responded to Davis.

The University of South Florida recently came under fire for a racial diversity program that segregates students by race.

Davis filed a complaint with the University of South Florida Office of Compliance & Ethics and did not receive a response for four months.  He was berated by an Equal Opportunity Officer representing the University during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

According to Davis, during an Oct. 18 Microsoft Teams information-gathering meeting regarding this issue, Equal Opportunity Officer Kenneth Thomas “was accusatory” and “asked me if I even knew what BIPOC meant and if I understood the importance of those groups having their own discussion.”

“He did not seem concerned about my complaint and was more worried about the University’s ability to continue these groups,” Davis relayed.

When the Office finally issued its official decision on Feb. 8, it read, “The Counseling Center will not prohibit any category of student [from] participating in specialized counseling groups unless specific exception, or a medical mandate is identified that may support exclusivity.”

While USF relented in this particular instance, they still have maintained racially segregated group-therapy sessions as of two weeks ago.

Christopher Rufo, a conservative academic who opposes DEI measures and now sits on the board of a Florida college, said that the University of South Florida has a history of controversial measures that encourage racial animosity and segregation among students.

“The University of South Florida has adopted a radical ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program that claims America is a force for ‘white supremacy,’ encourages students to attend racially segregated counseling programs to address their ‘privilege’ and ‘oppression,’ and promotes a variety of left-wing causes, including ‘reparations,’ ‘defund the police,’ and ‘prison abolition.’” He said.

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