Video – Luna The Pricey Parrot Stolen Off Porch in California

A Santa Ana, California family is asking for help after their pet parrot worth $2,500 was stolen along with his cage off their porch in the 200 block of South Sycamore in Santa Ana by two thieves in broad daylight.

Police believe there were at least two people involved.

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Luna is an African Gray Parrot, an expensive bird given that they are highly intelligent and can live for up to 80 years. They can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000.

Luna the Parrot

The family went for a short walk and left Luna outside in his cage for some fresh air, as they usually do, and they were surprised at how fast the theft went.

While they were away, a red SUV Ford Excursion with no license plates, pulled up. A man in a dark gray hoodie with light gray sweatpants got out and came up on the porch.

He grabbed Luna’s cage, which measures 2 feet by 4 feet, with Luna inside and then took it back down the steps where his accomplice wearing a tan bucket hat and black hoodie helped him load the cage into the back of the SUV. The pair sped off.

“My brother tried chasing them down, but they drove off quickly down Main towards Warner,” Abigail Ayapantecatl wrote in a Facebook post asking the public for help.

“Typically, we have him out for a little while, just to get some sun, and the person just came in and in a matter of seconds took the bird and the cage,” Karen Gerardo, one of Luna’s owners, told ABC7.

Luna, who’s been with the family for ten years, is the family’s son’s pet, and the bird is said to be highly attached to the son.

Gerardo said Luna was “a joy to have around” and even knew how to sing along and mimic certain movies and television shows and would say “hello” if someone answered the phone around him.

“No different than losing a dog or cat,” Said Gerardo, “Birds, specifically, have their own personality. So, it is a loss for our home.”

Gerardo said her family had received an outcry of support from social media and local pet store owners and hoped someone would identify the suspects involved.

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“It’s been difficult,” Gerardo told ABC7. “It was a 4′ by 2′ cage in the middle of our living room, and having that void is a daily reminder that our pet is no longer with us. Not because it died, but because it was stolen by someone.”

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