[Video] Biden Takes a Tumble After Giving Academy Commencement Speech

80-year-old President Joe Biden took a harsh fall Thursday afternoon, allegedly tripping over a sandbag before secret services rushed to help the president stand back up.

After being assisted back to his feet, the president pointed at a conspicuously placed black sandbag before turning and walking away from the scene.

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The incident occurred shortly after the president gave a commencement speech to graduating Air and Space Force cadets, with Biden handing out diplomas and giving handshakes shortly before he hit the ground.

Being the oldest president in US history, Biden’s apparent mobility failures are becoming increasingly noticeable – from his infamous bike biff to the trip at the commencement speech or his bumping his head while boarding Marine One just a few hours after hitting the sandbag.

Despite an increasingly visible physical decline, Democrats have rallied around Biden for an attempt at a second term, at the end of which he would be 86 years old – approximately 13 years older than the average US male life expectancy.

“I can’t stand Biden more than anyone, but this is really upsetting to watch an old person fall like this. Joe really needs to go. This is beyond elder abuse at this point.” ~@KateArete on Twitter

Despite the embarrassing accident, Biden maintained a light-hearted attitude, jokingly quipping, “I got sandbagged.”

The mainstream media, seeing the imminent flurry of physical decline allegations, triumphantly declared that the leader of the free world walked to his chair afterward without assistance, as if it were an accomplishment that disproves the opposition.

Republican 2024 candidates were quick to comment on the incident, with frontrunner Donald Trump saying he hoped the 46th president wasn’t injured.

“Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt. The whole thing is crazy. You gotta be careful about that…even if you gotta tip-toe down a ramp.”

Similarly, 2024 GOP runner-up Ron DeSantis and his campaign issued a statement wishing Biden a swift recovery and throwing a jab at the president’s lackluster oval office performance.

“I don’t know if he sustained injuries, but I just want to say that we hope and wish Joe Biden a swift recovery from any injuries he may have sustained. But we also wish the United States of America a swift recovery from the injuries sustained because of Joe Biden and his policies.”

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Onlookers reacted with both concerns for Biden and the public perception of the country.

“Far too weak to be Pres. Get him out after his term for his own good.” ~@Robbiep16868966

An Economist/YouGov poll from last July shows that more than 41% of Americans feel that Joe Biden is a “very weak leader.” With his approval rating plummeting and more crises being incompetently mismanaged since then, that number is likely to have increased.

Conservative pundit and lawyer Rogan O’Hanley poked fun at the incident, implying President Trump was behind Biden’s fall.

Biden’s declining cognition and physical mobility were a big point of contention during the 2020 election, and with that issue ever worsening, the Republicans could have a good chance at the White House in 2024 if Biden is the nominee.

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