Trump Slammed After Insulting Fmr. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

Former president Donald Trump recently took an extraordinary amount of flack from fellow Republicans after the 2024 frontrunner attacked his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, for misrepresenting poll results. McEnany reported that the 45th president had a 25-point lead over runner-up Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP primary.

Trump, correcting her, believed her lowball to be malicious and launched a tirade against her, even hinting that Fox News should fire her for her likely accidental inaccurate statement.

Laden with a series of his signature misspellings and strange capitalization choices, the MAGA movement founder put this message out on Truth Social:

“Kayleigh ‘Milktoast’ [sic] McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on FoxNews. I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious, not 25 up. While 25 is great, its not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll. The RINOS and Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars!!!”

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Almost immediately, DeSantis’s campaign supporters attacked the former president for what they called “immature” and “disloyal” behavior.

Conservative commentator Cernovich, who was a massive supporter of Trump in 2016 and key to the president’s influence on social media, resolutely condemned Trump’s statement.

“When Kayleigh McEnany was Press Secretary under Trump, MAGA loved posting videos of destroying the regime propagandists. Now she’s ‘milk toast.’ Christina Pushaw went from BASED to traitor. This is garbage. Those of you going along with it have no honor.”

A Business Insider report alleges that McEnany avoided the president after the 2020 election scandal, which may be an underlying motive for the sudden and seemingly random attack on the former press secretary.

Jenna Ellis, a DeSantis supporter and previous legal counsel to Trump who tried to have the 2020 election examined for voter fraud, quoted the attack and remarked: “I will simply leave this here for when people ask why I and *many* others didn’t return for 2024.”

With the 45th president still holding a resounding lead over a plethora of 2024 GOP competitors, including DeSantis, many see the jab as unnecessary.

The attack comes as the former president wages an all-out verbal war against many of his former white house officials, like Kayleigh McEnany, and the heads of major conservative institutions, like Fox News’s Rupert Murdoch.

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Major right-wing pundit Dave Rubin joined many of his peers in condemning the former president’s remarks, saying:

“The sickest part of Trump’s latest unhinged meltdown is that Kayleigh McEnany was not only Trump’s biggest defender but also an absolute star of the administration. Going up against hostile press every day with nothing but class. Even the diehards can’t defend this…”

Rubin would even say that Trump supporters are part of a “cult” for continuing to support him.

“She evolved and was an absolute rock star his administration. Notice how literally everyone he has even worked with ends up being attacked by him? At some point you’re just in a cult dude.”


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