TRANS-formative Legislation Protecting Women & Children Passes Florida House

Emotions ran high on the House floor as three bills passed regarding bathroom and changing facility requirements based on biological sex, another prohibiting children from attending adult performances, and another regarding prohibitions against gender-affirming hormone treatments and surgeries for minors. All three bills passed across party lines sending a clear message to Floridians about protecting children. 

Trans protestors sitting in the gallery, listening to the bills. They weren’t happy, but they were respectful.

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HB 1521, Facility Requirements Based On Sex, sponsored by Republican State Representative Rachel Plakon, ensures all Floridians’ safety by requiring private spaces to correspond with biological sex. It requires separately designated restrooms and changing facilities for females and males or a unisex changing facility. It creates a second-degree misdemeanor for an adult to willfully enter a bathroom designated for the opposite sex and refuse to leave when asked to do so. 

Republican State Rep Rachel Plakon passed her first bill. If you’re using a bathroom, it must correspond with your biological sex.

It includes common-sense exceptions like emergencies, law enforcement, or a parent assisting a child. It also protects victims of domestic violence by requiring domestic violence centers to provide separate overnight accommodations for females and males based on sex.

SB 1438 (HB 1423), Protection of Children, sponsored by Republican State Representative Randy Fine, protects children by holding anyone who exposes a child to an adult performance accountable. Adult performances are for adults, not for children. Adult live performance is “any show, exhibition, or other presentation in front of a live audience which, in whole or in part, depicts or simulated nudity, sexual conduct, or sexual excitement.”

This bill prohibits an individual from knowingly admitting a child to an adult live performance. It will now be punishable as a first-degree misdemeanor. Private venues will be held accountable if it admits a child to one of these performances. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation could suspend or revoke their license, and fines can be imposed. 

Democrat Representative Bracy Davis was against the bill.

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Representative Fine is on a roll today. The third bill sponsored by Fine and Republican Representative Ralph Massullo is SB 254 (HB 1421), Treatments for Sex Reassignment. Little is known about the cause of gender dysphoria. Massullo says, “Gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder. That hasn’t changed. Gender dysphoria has increased by three hundred percent since 2017.” This bill protects children by prohibiting gender clinical interventions for minors, including irreversible, life-altering surgical and hormonal treatments. 

This quote from Rep Dean Black was hard to listen to but was necessary for the bill.

The bill prohibits all health care practitioners, except licensed physicians, from providing gender clinical interventions to adult patients. The bill defines gender clinical interventions as;

Procedures or therapies that alter internal or external physical traits to affirm a person’s perception of their sex if that perception is inconsistent with the person’s sex at both. The term includes but is not limited to, sex reassignment surgeries or any other surgical procedures that alter primary or secondary sexual characteristics and puberty-blocking, hormone, and hormone-antagonistic therapies. 

Additionally, this bill prohibits health insurers from covering gender clinical interventions and prevents using public funds to cover these expenses. 

State Reps Randy Fine and Ralph Massullo sponsored a bill to protect Florida’s children.

This bill protects children by stopping experimental and irreversible medical treatments on minors.

Protests were held at the Capitol today in response to the three bills, but the House has spoken loud and clear. Children will be protected.

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