Rubio Leads the Way in Combatting ‘Woke Nonsense’ Within US Military

The United States military under President Biden has come under fire from prominent conservatives for prioritizing woke initiatives over combat readiness.

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fl. has been one of the leading critics of the Biden administration’s shift in focus in the military.

Recently, the Florida Senator introduced The Restoring Military Focus Act.

The Restoring Military Focus Act would eliminate diversity offices in the Pentagon to ensure the military is focused on combat readiness and warfighting rather than focusing on “woke diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.”

“Our military should be focused on protecting our national security, not on promoting woke nonsense,” Rubio said this week. “The current direction we are heading in is dangerous. If we don’t reverse course, we risk jeopardizing our military strength, national interests, and security.”

Rubio has been a leading critic of the military’s pivot to focusing on diversity, calling it “embarrassing” and “dangerous” in a tweet earlier this year.

Other conservative Senators have echoed Rubio’s concerns.

“Americans expect the Department of Defense to focus on maintaining our military as a combat-ready force capable of defeating and killing our enemies,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, another sponsor. “Instead, the Biden administration has transformed the Pentagon into a laboratory for woke policies.”

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Last year, Senator Cruz received pushback from liberals for criticizing a U.S Army advertisement that highlighted the branches’ push for diversity. “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea,” he said.

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark. co-sponsored Rubio’s bill, blaming the U.S military’s recruiting crisis on ‘woke’ recruitment methods.

“Young Americans join the military to learn how to defend our country, not learn about radical ideologies,” said Sen. Tom Cotton. “It’s no wonder our military is facing a recruiting crisis under the Biden administration.”

Last year, Cotton, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, released reports from hundreds of whistleblowers in the military who said that officers were using woke ‘indoctrination’ tactics in diversity presentations for enlisted members.

The tactics included ‘privilege walks’ where white male enlisted members were singled out for their race and gender.

In summarizing the need for the Restoring Military Focus Act, Rubio said that the military should be “making the case for American greatness” rather than “parroting woke nonsense.”

“Rather than making the case for American greatness and appealing to our patriotism, the military is just parroting woke nonsense,” Rubio said then. “It’s dumb, it doesn’t work, and it’s dangerous.”

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