Newsom ‘Demands’ to Know Which Textbook Companies Worked With Florida

The conflict between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom continued this week as Newsom targeted textbook companies that may have edited their content to remove left-wing concepts such as Critical Race Theory.

Newsom tried to flip the script on DeSantis, who has been a leading advocate for parental rights in education in Florida, and said that parents ‘have a right to know’ if textbook companies in California are ‘kowtowing to Florida’s extremist agenda.’

“California will not be complicit in Florida’s attempt to whitewash history through laws and backroom deals; parents have a right to know what’s happening in the dark to undermine our children’s education — and California deserves to know whether any of these companies designing textbooks for our state’s classrooms are the same ones kowtowing to Florida’s extremist agenda,” he wrote.

He further accused Florida of attempting to ‘rewrite’ history by removing racial reductionist narratives about history.

His statement on Twitter followed an official statement by the Governor’s office that said Florida’s educational policies’ undermine kid’s education’ and that parents ‘have a right to know.’

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“Parents have a right to know what’s happening to undermine kids’ education. Governor Newsom is demanding records from publishers and Florida to find out whether any companies designing California’s textbooks are the same ones kowtowing to Florida’s extremist agenda.” The statement said.

The complete statement from the Office of the Governor said that Florida’s education policy erased topics about ‘race, civic engagement, and historical protest.’

“Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Education rejected dozens of social studies textbooks and worked with publishers to edit dozens more — erasing topics about race, civic engagement, and historical protest. California will not be complicit in Florida’s attempt to whitewash history through laws and backroom deals.”

Newsom’s office said they would seek ‘all communications’ between Florida’s government and textbook publishers.

“Specifically, we are seeking all communications between their offices and textbook publishers reflecting revisions that publishers proposed to get their textbooks approved for use in Florida.”

Others pointed out that Newsom’s concern for parental rights is not consistent with other policies he has championed that would allow minors to receive so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ from health providers and receive abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

Another person observed that Newsom spends more time attacking and targeting DeSantis than governing his own state.

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Newsom released a video last year saying that ‘freedom is under attack’ in Florida while holding out California as a shining beacon of freedom.

He has frequently publicly attacked DeSantis and held himself out as his counterpart.

Newsom did not specify which textbook publisher he requested information from in the letter.

“I request that you disclose to my office whether your company submitted social studies textbooks for approval in Florida and, if so, whether your company was among those that agreed to make changes demanded by Florida officials. I also request that you provide excerpts reflecting any changes that your company agreed to make in response to Florida’s demands.” The statement concludes.

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